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75 Factor Review (2022): Is Paleo Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

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If the thought of meal planning and grocery shopping stresses you out at the start of each week, a meal delivery service can help put your mind at rest. Meal delivery services like Factor 75 offer tasty, fully prepared meals that make healthy eating quick, easy, and delicious. Whether you’re trying to keep up with your kids’ extracurricular activities or working more than 40 hours a week, Factor 75 has plans to suit every lifestyle (and taste). Plus, each subscription includes a free 20-minute consultation with a registered dietitian for personalized advice. Who refuses free words of wisdom from a pro?

Let’s dive into the other offerings of this subscription service.

How does Factor 75 work?

Factory 75 strives to be the epitome of healthy eating made simple, with followers of the paleo lifestyle at the heart of the business. The menu changes weekly, so you’ll always have something new and delicious to try. All you have to do is choose your favorite dishes, or you can opt to have the company prepare your order based on your taste preferences and meal history. Factor 75 comes into the kitchen and does all the hard work for you – yes, you don’t have to cook anything. Once you’ve received your delivery, heat, eat and enjoy! Your meal will be ready in minutes.

Don’t mind making a quick breakfast or lunch, but worried about cooking at dinner time? (We don’t blame you, especially after a long day.) The good news is that you can tailor your delivery to fit your daily routine. Every meal is prepared from scratch, so you can be sure that only the best ingredients are sourced. In other words, expect fresh, never frozen delivery any day of the week.

If you’re worried about how long your meals will last, don’t worry: Factor 75’s MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) reduces the amount of oxygen in containers, slowing the natural breakdown of meals. Simply put, they will last seven whole days in the fridge. No more worrying about using meals as soon as they land on your doorstep.

How much does a Factor 75 subscription box cost?

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Factor 75 offers five meal plans based on how many meals you prefer to buy per week; this makes it easy to tailor your subscription to your budget, no matter how big or small. If you’re anticipating a particularly busy week or expecting hungry friends to drop by, you might want to opt for more meals than usual. On the other hand, if you are planning a trip out of town, you won’t be home for meals that week. Don’t worry, you can change (or pause or cancel) your plan at any time.

The more meals you choose per week, the lower your overall cost will be. You can choose between 4 and 18 meals, making it easy to feed yourself or a family of four. Current plans include:

  • 4 meals per week: $15.00 per meal
  • 6 meals per week: $12.83 per meal
  • 8 meals per week: $12.38 per meal
  • 12 meals per week: $11.50 per meal
  • 18 meals per week: $11.00 per meal

Is the 75 factor worth the price?

The average grocery bill for one person per month ranges from $165 to $345, and we’re willing to bet a lot of those errands get overlooked (hello, bag of wilted spinach in our fridge) and end up the bin. With Factor 75 you can swap groceries for your favorite meals that you know won’t go to waste. Plus, because your Factor 75 meals are ready-to-go and require (almost) no effort, you’ll be less likely to pick up your phone and order that deliciously unhealthy and expensive takeout.

Does Factor 75 offer healthy meals?

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a snap when it’s nutritious and appetizing meals are delivered right to your door. Healthy eating habits are easier to achieve with a little help from the dietitians at Factor 75 – they know what they’re talking about when it comes to health and flavor. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, the the low-calorie diet includes meals with 500 calories or less. It will help you achieve your goals without even trying.

Food preference options

If you live with dietary restrictions or avoid certain foods that your body doesn’t react to well, Factor 75 has plenty of options so you can stay on track with any lifestyle that helps you feel your best.

paleo diet

If you prefer to eat like the caveman, Factor 75 makes it easy and easy to track your lifestyle. The program’s dietitians work hard to ensure meals contain all the vitamins and minerals you need to look and perform your best. Choose from 4 to 18 meals per week, all containing grass-fed meats and fresh produce.

keto diet

If an abundance of carbs isn’t for you, Factor 75 has a keto plan with high-quality meals packed with nutritious, high-fat ingredients. Each keto-friendly option on the menu (which changes weekly) contains 60-80% calories from fat and only 5-15% calories from carbs.

If you can’t get enough of the keto goodness, Factor 75 also has supplements like snacks, desserts, soups, and drinks that can all be adapted for the keto lifestyle, so you’ll never go hungry. No complaints here!

plant-based diet

Factor 75 offers an assortment of fresh, eco-friendly meatless meals with all the plant proteins, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats you need. Bonus: A study by the University of Michigan showed that meal delivery services like Factor 75 produce 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than store-bought meals. (That’s two birds, one stone to help the planet, in our opinion.)

Dairy-free diet

Factor 75 makes eating dairy-free stress-free. Like the other plans, the menu changes weekly, so you’ll never tire of the same meal. You can also choose add-ons such as dairy-free snacks, juices, wellness shots, soups and shakes to include in your next shipment.

Different meals for each day of the week

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Create your first box by first choosing your preference (Chef’s Choice, Keto, Calorie Smart, or Vegetarian), then selecting how many meals you want from the 23+ menu options. Click on the image of each meal for more information, such as the exact ingredients used, nutrition per serving, and heating instructions.

When it comes to delivery, the process couldn’t be easier. Each meal is packaged in an individual CPET (crystallizable polyethylene terephthalate) plastic container that is completely BPA free, which means it is safe for food storage, as well as heating in the microwave or oven. They are also manufactured with environmental impact in mind; these plastics are designated as recyclable 1, so remember to throw them in your recycling bin when your meal is done.

What makes Factor 75 different from other meal kits?

Nutrition coaching is an important feature offered by Factor 75. If you need a little extra encouragement to live your best and healthiest life, book a free 20-minute nutrition consultation (free with every signup) at the Factor 75 website. If you’re on board after the initial call, you can choose either a one-month plan or a three-month plan. Each package includes:

  • A 45-minute initial consultation and 20-minute follow-up sessions
  • Unlimited support via secure messaging
  • Virtual Diet and Lifestyle Diaries
  • Multimedia tools and worksheets
  • Access to free nutrition classes

Whether it’s weight loss, athletic performance, intuitive eating, or just an overall positive lifestyle change, the dietitians at Factor 75 are here to help you reach your nutritional goals. .

Need to modify or cancel your order?

Factor 75 understands: things change, life gets crazy. The Company facilitates the modification, omission or complete cancellation of your order through your online account. You can also deactivate your subscription whenever you want. It’s important to note though: orders must be changed, skipped, or canceled by 11:59 p.m. CST on Wednesday for delivery the following week! If an order has already been processed, it cannot be modified or cancelled.

What We Learned About Factor 75 Meal Kits

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Everything with Factor 75 is taken care of, including shopping, preparation and cooking. With a simple click, you can skip the hassle of grocery lines and opt for personalized, ready-to-go healthy meals.

If you’re stuck in a meal rut that consists of the same two recipes week after week, Factor 75 can help expand your palate and introduce you to new cuisines, all while keeping you on track with diet or diet. lifestyle you follow. If you’re looking for healthy, convenient meals without the work of preparing them, Factor 75 could be your new normal with less time cooking and more time living. The company strives to tick all the possible boxes to allow anyone to enjoy the service. Whether you’re paleo or not, it’s definitely worth a try.

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