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A funeral service was held for the family of the fatal North Las Vegas car crash

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— A funeral service was held today for the victims of a fatal car accident north of Las Vegas several weeks ago.

It’s been 3 weeks since the fatal accident that killed Erlinda Zacarias’ four children, her 2 stepchildren and her brother.

Now friends and family share a moving day, to pay their respects and say a final goodbye to the family of 7 in a private funeral ceremony.

Adranna Saenz said her heart goes out to mother Erlinda, as Saenz has four children of her own.

“I feel the pain, you know, because I can’t imagine something like this happening like this from people going crazy,” Saenz said. “It’s sad, but at the same time, it’s wonderful to see how the community has helped them.”

Osmar Frias described his fondest memories with Fernando at school.

“I tried to play tag with him, and he liked to play tag but also play hide and seek,” Frias said.

A family friend who wanted to remain unidentified said his children and the family grew up together.

“Thanksgiving, we were together, then we went hiking together, so these kids, I knew them. It’s very sad about what happened, but hopefully with what happened we can do something,” the family friend said.

He believes stricter laws should be in place for speeding and said no one should feel the pain of losing loved ones to something so preventable.

“If they have someone driving over 100 miles an hour on the street, they should go to jail, no matter if they have the power. if they have money or if they have lawyers or whatever, they should put them in jail for at least a month,” he said. “If they do, I think it will stop some of these people from doing it.