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A Quiet Paradise Lies in Chatham – Boston University News Service

By Grace Knoop
Boston University Press Office

Chatham, a small town at the bend of Cape Cod, is known for its scenic views and quaint downtown. Many longtime residents, like Kathy Doyle, the town’s real estate agent, still marvel at its natural beauty and encourage students to visit local beaches and nature trails.

“I think what really drew me to Chatham was just the ocean views from so many places in town,” Doyle said.

The ferry from Boston to Provincetown only operates during the summer months, but Boston students can hop on a bus for around $40 to tour the beautiful waterfront.

Chatham offers some of the best sunset views on the Cape, with different colors lighting up the sky on a clear day. Local residents treasure their sunset time, gathering at local beaches, including Hardings Beach and Oyster Pond, which are known for their five-star views.

Some of Doyle’s recommendations include trips to his favorite beach, Chatham Lighthouse Beach – the city’s largest beach with sweeping views, just half a mile from Main Street. Visitors should be on the lookout for seals swimming towards shore or local fishermen setting out on their daily routes.

Once in Chatham, it’s easy to rent a bike for a day from Chatham Hood Bikes, located on Main Street, and head out on the Cape Cod Bike Path or cycle around town, enjoying the unique architecture of the houses in the region. .

“There are tons of conservation trails in Chatham. But even so, if you’re staying in Chatham, you know, it’s a 20-minute ride to the National Seashore to hike a mile or two,” Doyle said.

Local business owner Domonic Boreffi was also drawn to the beauty of the town. He savors his mornings in Chatham before opening his art gallery, Gallery Antonia, for the day.

“I have this routine where, in the morning, I do my shopping, but I go down certain streets before arriving at the gallery. If I’m having coffee, I’ll park at Lighthouse Beach. And sometimes it’s only 10 minutes,” Boreffi said.

Chatham (Photo by Grace Knoop/BU News Service)

“Chatham is different from many other cities. A lot of towns don’t have the city center that we have,” Boreffi said.

While the natural beauty of the area is what attracts visitors and residents to Chatham, it is essential that visitors support local Chatham businesses on Main Street. Boreffi has made it clear how important it is to support businesses like Candy Manor, Mayflower Gift Shop and Squire Tavern as they risk being replaced by national shops, which would cause Chatham to lose its famously old-fashioned charm.

President of the Chatham Merchants Association, Susan Dimm also believes that while students may not have the funds to support small business success at this time, getting to know Chatham on a day trip can go a long way. a difference in the future.

“Everyone who comes is great because they will come back. I visited in college, and now I come every summer,” Dimm said.

A visit to Chatham will make you fall in love with the charming town center and picturesque views – quickly becoming your favorite Cape town.