Hike sentence

A teenager freed from prison but given a suspended sentence for having participated in the attack on a man from Carrigaline (52)

A teenager has been freed after a week in jail and given a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence for his role in attacking a family boss who went to investigate a mess outside from his home.

Judge Sarah Berkeley noted that the reports provided now regarding Joel Adeniran were glowing and supportive.

Judge Berkeley granted defense attorney Emmet Boyle’s request for a sentence backdated to last week, but with the remainder of the jail sentence suspended.

Garda Detective Denis Cahalane testified in Cork Circuit Criminal Court during the sentencing hearing of Joel Adeniran, 19, of Arbor Heights, Carrigaline, County Cork.

The teenager pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing damage to a 52-year-old man on July 12, 2020 in Weston View, Carrigaline, County Cork.

The aggrieved party heard a loud bang at his front door late at night and walked out and approached a group of young people returning home from an 18-year-old birthday party.

By the time he reached them, they were in a pedestrian alley next to his house.

“The defendant confronted him. He was extremely aggressive and acted in a threatening manner. To defuse the situation, the aggrieved party attempted to back away from her. The accused headbutted him, knocking him to the ground. At this point a number of other young people joined in,” said Det. Garda Cahalane testified.

Residents of the Weston View estate in Carrigaline who heard the din came to the aid of their injured neighbor and stepped in to protect him.

The injured man suffered bruises to the body and face. His hobby was golf and he couldn’t play for more than four months afterwards.

In a victim impact statement, he said his whole life had passed before him during the attack and he had had nightmares since it happened.

He always feels reluctant to go for a walk at night because he is afraid to meet the same gang of young people.

The accused brought compensation of €2,500 to the court. Defense attorney Emmet Boyle said the defendant was fully cooperative and admitted his role in the incident and apologized to the injured party when questioned by gardaí.