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Another Black Money Group Funds Lindstrom Attack Ads | Regional government

A new black money group is targeting Senator Brett Lindstrom’s campaign for governor of Nebraska.

His ad attempts to draw parallels between Lindstrom and President Joe Biden and points to specific votes Lindstrom cast in the Legislative Assembly.

“Liberal Brett Lindstrom is not a conservative, he just plays one on TV,” a voiceover says.


The group behind it is called Say No to RINOs, an acronym for “Republicans In Name Only,” and federal records show it placed ads in markets across the state, outside of Omaha.

Campaign managers for the other leading candidates, Conklin Co. CEO Charles Herbster and Columbus pork producer Jim Pillen, said the two candidates did not donate to the group.

A Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission filing shows the PAC’s registration was accepted on April 7. Andrew La Grone, a former state senator, is listed as its treasurer. Public records show that the property at the address given by the group is owned by La Grone and State Senator Julie Slama, who are married.

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Governor Pete Ricketts nominated La Grone to the Legislative Assembly in 2018, and Slama’s nomination took effect in 2019. Slama won a hotly contested election to retain his seat in 2020, while La Grone lost to Senator Jen Day.

La Grone, a lawyer and former legislative legal adviser, did not respond to a voicemail or text message on Wednesday, and the World-Herald did not receive a response to an email sent to the email address provided by the CAP.

Herbster continues to fund his campaign for Nebraska governorship

Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Herbster pleads for prayer in schools at chamber forum

Corben Waldron, Ricketts spokesman on policy issues, said in an email that the governor had not given money to Say No to RINOs and was not otherwise involved in the new attack ad. or its funding.

Ricketts, who has backed Pillen in the gubernatorial race, directed criticism at Lindstrom that mirrors that of the new ad.

“Brett is not a conservative,” he said in a recent interview. “He has a lot of bad votes.”

Lindstrom and his campaign pushed back against those criticisms. His campaign highlighted his record of supporting tax cuts, and Lindstrom said in a recent interview that critics picked a handful of votes out of thousands he cast as a senator.

On Wednesday, campaign spokesman Pat Trueman called the attacks “desperate and dishonest” and again highlighted the candidate’s tax record.

“Brett’s positive, conservative message stands out in this increasingly negative environment and resonates with Republicans,” Trueman said.

Third-party attack announcements started surfacing last month in the GOP governor’s primary, with ads from two other black money groups — one attacking Lindstrom and the other attacking Herbster. Ricketts confirmed that he paid money to the conservative Nebraska, the group attacking Herbster.

At the time, Randall Adkins, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, said outside groups were spending money strategically, which usually indicates the targeted candidate is doing well.

Unlike more recent buys, the group that previously targeted Lindstrom, Restore the Good Life, only bought ad spots in Omaha.

The Pillen campaign is not aware of any third-party advertising attacking Pillen, according to spokesperson Matthew Trail, and Herbster campaign manager Ellen Keast is not aware of any additional advertising attacking Herbster.

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