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Applications Available for Latest Round of ARPA Child Care Funding

KGVO News recently spoke with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services about the latest round of ARPA funds made available to those who provide child care services.

DPHHS Early Childhood Services Office Manager Patty Butler provided details on the latest opportunity for child care businesses to receive federal funding.

“These stabilization grants were awarded to us through the Child Care Development Fund,” Butler said. “We received $61 million that went to child care providers to help them stabilize their businesses, and it was done through an application process.”

Over the previous three rounds of ARPA grants, Butler said he received applications from hundreds of child care providers big and small.

“We had over 500 child care providers applying for this stabilization grant, and there were four application periods,” she said. “Our latest press release signals the final application period, which opened on July 1 and closes at the end of July 30. Most grants are for existing or newly approved providers, and they are eligible to receive funding for regular operating expenses.

Butler said there are different grants for small and large child care providers.

“It depends on the size,” she said. “There are two different applications, one for smaller program business models and then for larger business models, and the funding is based on the vendor application. They list their current expenses, their operating expenses, and then we pay up to 45% of those current operating expenses to help stabilize their business.

Butler said this is the last opportunity for child care providers to apply for and receive these ARPA funds.

“That’s the reason for the last application period,” she said. “We had four application periods and left space specifically for us to commit these funds by September and then spend them by September 2023. The last time to apply for this grant is this application period in which we are in full now until July 30.

Click here for details on how to apply for ARPA funds for child care through the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

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