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Azul Linhas Aéreas Embraer E195 with full flight service

A few hours ago I was on Azul Linhas Aéreas flight 2868 from Goiania Santa Genoveva Airport to Confins International Airport in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Before the flight

Brazil lifted its mask mandate for air travel just months ago and allowed airlines to resume in-flight service. During the pandemic, airlines were banned from having in-flight service and passengers were also not allowed to consume their own food on board. I’ve been through a few unfortunate situations because of this, but those stories are for another day.


Aircraft and flight information

Today was my first flight with Azul, on which full inflight service was offered, making it the perfect flight to review. The flight was on an 11-year-old Embraer E195 aircraft, tail number PR-AYX, which is painted in Azul’s durability livery. Our departure from Goiania was nine minutes late, at 3:24 p.m. local time, and we arrived at the CNF at 4:31 p.m. local time.

Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

Registration / Security

Goiania Airport is tiny, which makes check-in and security processes quick and seamless. Didn’t check in a bag today which allowed me to go straight to security once I got to the airport. I intentionally walked past the check-in counters to take some pictures and explain the process in GYN.

Azul has kiosks for those who need to check in, print boarding passes, or check baggage. There is an exclusive line for those who have frequent flyer status with Azul, a line for regular service and another line for “priorities” which in Brazil are considered elderly, families with young children and the physically handicapped.

As I mentioned before, the airport is relatively small, so it took no more than 60 seconds to get from the sidewalk where I was dropped off to the security guard who scanned my boarding pass . In Goiania, check-in and baggage drop-off take place on the same floor as arrivals, so to access security I had to climb an escalator to the second floor.

Having spent most of my life in the United States, Brazilian airport security is very different. First, there is no identity check at the security checkpoint, only a boarding pass scan. At security there are no body scanners, only metal detectors (at least I haven’t seen any in the 15+ airports I’ve been to in Brazil), and liquids over 3 .4 ounces are allowed in carry-on baggage. I went to security one day and forgot I had a 40 ounce bottle of water in my backpack so I asked the security staff if they had a trash can so I can empty my bottle. It was then that I learned that large liquids were allowed on board.

Going through security was a breeze and the process including queuing took less than 5 minutes. Goiania only has eight jet decks and a few remote stands which are rarely used as it’s not a busy airport so walking to my door after thrilling security took 30 seconds. I arrived at my gate a minute before boarding started, but the inbound flight of the plane taking me was delayed and the passengers hadn’t even disembarked when I arrived.

Boarding and cabin configuration

Some time later boarding began, but I was already on the plane to take some photos for this review and meet the crew. Once the boarding process began, it took around 16 minutes to board the plane, which seats 118 passengers.

Azul’s Embraer E195 and E195E2 aircraft are configured with one cabin but a few Espaco Azul front seats, which is the premium economy version of Azul. The only difference in what’s on board is legroom. I was seated in regular economy class, seat 8A. The overhead storage space on Azul’s E195s is tight and I had to push my carry-on a bit to fit it into the tray.

Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

Almost every time I’ve flown Azul’s E195s, the airline has offered to check baggage for free due to lack of space in the overhead bins. Azul proposed today, and I usually accept them, but I now use my carry-on to store my camera gear, and I can’t lose sight of it.

Once the plane doors were closed and the crew cross-check completed, we started pushing back, and the safety video and demonstration began. Azul’s fleet of Embraer aircraft have in-flight entertainment (IFE) at every seat, hence the safety video and demonstration simultaneously. The taxi time to the runway was short as there was no plane ahead of us and the airport only has one runway.

Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

My seat was a regular economy seat but gave me plenty of legroom (I’m average height for a male in the US). The tray table is of sufficient size and was able to hold my 15 inch laptop. Azul’s first-generation E195 aircraft features legacy IFE systems with armrest-mounted controls and armrest-mounted headphone jack. Live TV with a wide selection of channels was offered on board, in addition to the in-flight map which I chose to “watch”. Seat power was not available.

Full in-flight service

I was particularly enthusiastic about the onboard service, one of Azul’s best known services. The airline serves multiple types of snacks on its flights, sometimes reaching a variety of five on one flight. Passengers are allowed to ask for the famous “um de cada,” which means “one of each” in Portuguese, and it’s all free. In addition to the large selection of snacks, Azul offers various drinks.

Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

On this flight, only two snack options were available: the “torresminho” or pork rind crisps and the “bolo de laranja”, a small orange cake. I also asked for snacks and a cup of orange juice.

Azul’s crews are always phenomenal, and I haven’t encountered any rude staff, from in-flight crew to ground/airport crew, and this flight was no exception. There were three flight attendants on board and, of course, the captain and the first officer in the cockpit. The flight went smoothly and in no time the captain announced that we were beginning our descent to Belo Horizonte.

Shortly after, we were on the ground, four minutes before the scheduled date. Fortunately, we arrived at the gate right next to the departure of my connecting flight to Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport.

The short 67 minute flight was uneventful and overall a fantastic flight. Subscribe to our Long Haul and Simple Flying News YouTube channels, and stay tuned for a video review of this flight.