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Banbury drug dealer jailed after breaching suspended sentence and using crack cocaine

A drug dealer who failed to comply with probation and was then caught with a crack wrap has been jailed for two years.

Jordanna Brock, 43, was lucky not to go to jail last year. Exceptionally, a judge at Oxford Crown Court had handed down a two-year suspended prison sentence after admitting to being involved in the supply of heroin and crack.

But she broke the order by failing to show up for probation appointments and then, on July 8, was caught in a cemetery in Banbury with £10 crack wrap. She admitted the offense in the magistrates’ court in August.

‘Activating’ the two-year suspended sentence in full, Judge Michael Gledhill KC said: ‘You brought it all on yourself. »

He added: “I am very aware of the difficulties you have faced since your teens and throughout your adult life and the pressures that led you to take and become addicted to Class A controlled drugs. am therefore not indifferent to what you have experienced.

“But the courts have bent over backwards to help you, so has the probation service, so has Turning Point, so have your social workers.

“And every time they tried to help you, you threw their help back in their face by continuing to take Class A controlled drugs.”

Last year Crown Court heard Brock had left a trail of text messages detailing his drug dealing.

In one she wrote: “To be honest baby I run my own shop [drug line] make as many P [money].” She added: “I’m just doing my thing. My line is jumping again.

The text messages came to light after his phone was seized during a police raid on his home in Banbury in September 2020.

In his room, officers found a small amount of MDMA and cocaine. Inside a makeup bag were two pairs of scales, cling film and a cell phone.

Mitigating Thursday afternoon, Nawaz Khan told Judge Gledhill that at the time of the original offenses Brock found herself in a “very difficult” personal situation.

“Her long-term relationship was over, she suffered from mental health issues, she was vulnerable and she got involved in cocaine use,” he said. She had negotiated to fund her own habit.

There were fears for her sanity if she were to be sent to prison.

Brock, from Windrush, Banbury, was told she would serve half her two-year sentence indoors before she could be released to serve the rest on license.

This story was written by Tom Seaward. He joined the team in 2021 as a forensic and crime reporter from Oxfordshire.

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