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Boys and Girls Club Receives Funding for Haines Junction Summer Camp

The Boys and Girls Club of Yukon (BGCY) has received funding for the upcoming Haines Junction summer camp from the Government of Yukon’s Youth Investment Fund.

By Morris Prokop on June 10, 2022

The Boys and Girls Club of Yukon (BGCY) has received funding for the upcoming Haines Junction summer camp from the Government of Yukon’s Youth Investment Fund.

Funding of $4,000 will be used to pay for staff salaries, food and program supplies to help sustain the program (a new youth-created name is pending).

The camp takes place in and around Haines Junction from June 22 to August 22. 12.

It is open to children from 5 to 13 years old.

According to BGCY’s Director of Communities and Communications, Isabelle Piché, this will be the second year of a recreational summer camp at The Junction.

“We’re going to be offering outdoor land activities, community engagement, arts and crafts, sports and most importantly we’re going to have fun in the community of Haines Junction.”

“Where we are going to try to do a lot this summer will be the initiation to archery – that would be a big, big thing. There are a lot of sports teams already involved in the community, but we really want to give young people opportunities to try out everything possible. So in sports, we can play baseball, we can play football, kickball, we’re really going to try to bring a lot of opportunities.

BGCY Executive Director Lindsay Cornell added “it includes a lot of things on the land side, like hiking, trying to paddle and engaging some of the cultural components as well, so where recreation isn’t just defined as active, it there will also be the development of arts and culture through fires and beads and again, food and other things.

“We also have a relationship with Creative House, through Youth of Today’s Society, so hopefully young people will engage with it virtually or rather to help share their narrative and do more in terms of likes, music and clogging and other sorts of things. It is our dream. We know it doesn’t always happen that way.

“And I think it’s important to recognize the goal that Isabelle and the team have set for themselves, is to make sure that we can highlight and celebrate the great things and the impressive skills and expertise that exist in Haines Junction so all the facilitators are local and also to inspire a positive future for young people in Haines Junction so that they can work with these people and be inspired by their lives.

Cornell developed the program objectives.

“Healthy engagement of young people, connection with the community, building self-confidence and inspiring them to see their own positive future, as well as providing a safe and quality place for families to care for their young people during the summer .

“It’s a continuous intake, so young people can sign up for a week or every week and they will have what we call a developed experience. So if you come for a week, you have an experience, and if you come every week, your experience will grow. It will never be boring.

Piché added: “This camp is also a great employment opportunity for young people, so we are creating a program where young people will undertake an internship and develop their professional skills throughout the summer and will really develop their skills in employability. They’re going to get training, first aid, hopefully some really tangible training to get them ready to go into the workforce.

Cornell added “just a huge thank you to the Municipality of Haines Junction who have officially and officially supported us (including financially), with more information to come and a huge thank you to the great community of Haines Junction itself, all the peoples, to support us.

“And also if we could just point out Isabelle’s work there to do that; she really was a champion here.

BGCY engages in many other sports activities including land based activities like camping, fishing, canoeing and paintballing, archery, bowling, curling, swimming and many more activities.

To learn more about the camp or to volunteer with BGCY, please visit their website at https://www.bgcyukon.com/