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British Expats: Couple Detail Retired Expat Life and Idea of ​​Passive Income to Fund Them | Travel News | Travel

Norm and Tina spoke to Express.co.uk about funding a retirement that many dream of. Retired at 60 and 58 respectively, the couple enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle.

They shared how they fund their retirement, using a nifty passive income idea based on their skills and lifestyle.

Norm and Tina, who run the YouTube channel This is our retreatwith 45.5 subscribers, sold his home as part of his retirement funding plan.

“We always knew in our marriage that we would sell our house to fund retirement and we did, sold the house and rented an apartment,” they explained.

“We invested the money from the sale of the house.”

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Before retiring, the couple made some lifestyle changes to save money.

They explained: “We had spent two years before retirement downsizing and decluttering, selling and giving away things we didn’t need.

“We made a budget of what our monthly living expenses would be and reduced it to a very modest level.

“We knew traveling would be our main activity, we wanted to enjoy our good health and mobility while we had it.

“We put together a to-do list based on the places we dreamed of visiting and that fit our travel budget.”

“The other thing we really love about the Algarve is the deep blue skies when the sun is out.

“The food in Portugal is amazing, a lot is locally grown and has a huge variety.

Currently, 46,238 Britons live in Portugal, according to the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Tina and Norm post new videos on their YouTube channel on Saturdays at 11:45 a.m. EST.