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Carol Todd ‘happy Amanda got justice’ after executioner’s 13-year prison sentence – Trail Daily Times

Carol Todd says justice has been served after the man who tormented her daughter Amanda until she killed herself was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

In British Columbia Supreme Court in New Westminster on Friday, Judge Martha Devlin sentenced “internet sextortionist” Aydin Coban, a 44-year-old Dutchman, to a term one year longer than the prosecutor of the Crown had requested.

The 15-year-old’s story caught the world’s attention when she posted a video weeks before her death in 2012 using flash cards to explain how she was stalked and extorted by a predator in anonymous line. He set out to ruin her life and his tactics resulted in her being bullied. The video has been viewed tens of millions of times.

Monday was the tenth anniversary of his death.

On Saturday, Carol Todd told Black Press she was still processing the results of the trial. She was worried, after watching for nine weeks, what the sentence would be – particularly after the defense had asked for two years, to be served after the 11-year sentence Coban is currently serving for similar crimes in the Netherlands.

With few precedents in Canada for her crimes, the bereaved mother didn’t know what to expect.

“I didn’t want him to go after two years.”

When his current sentence from the Netherlands ends in 2024, he is expected to begin serving the 13-year Canadian sentence.

When she heard Devlin say 13, Todd thought she had heard it wrong. She had to confirm the number with her son, who watched the sentencing with her.

Todd said she was happy with the sentence and “sets a high bar” as a sentencing precedent for those convicted of similar crimes in the future.

“I’m so glad Amanda got justice,” she said. “It’s bittersweet.”

“It’s still a lot to take in,” Todd said. “This chapter is going to be closed, but there is still a new chapter.”

Afterwards, Coban will return to the Netherlands, where he will serve his sentence, and a conversion hearing will consider the Canadian sentence and the length of his sentence in his home country.

“It might disappoint us,” said Todd, who thinks the 13-year sentence is the appropriate sentence.

The Amanda Todd Legacy Society is also thriving, she said, and the nonprofit works to prevent and educate the public about bullying, cyberabuse and safety on Internet.

Todd joined Canadian media in asking the courts to lift a publication ban on the trial, which would normally be in place for a case involving sex crimes against a minor. She felt that was what her daughter wanted.

“Amanda has created a video to share, in terms of what happened to her,” Todd said, adding that without his daughter’s video, and without it being shared across Canada and internationally, he there probably wouldn’t have been a trial.

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