Hike funding

Casey, Adair, Taylor and Marion water projects secure funding

Nearly $3 million awarded for various projects

CAMPBELLSVILLE, LEBANON, Ky. (WTVQ)Governor Andy Beshear provided $2,943,884 to Taylor, Adair, Casey and Marion counties on Friday to provide cleaner drinking water and improved sewage and wastewater systems. The funding is part of the $250 million Cleaner Water Program and is expected to create about 3,800 jobs statewide.

“None of our local water districts should have to replenish their pipes or equipment in order to provide sanitation services or safe drinking water to their citizens,” Governor Beshears said. “These investments will restore aging infrastructure, increase capacity for future growth and ensure reliable services for residents of this region. It’s all part of our plan to build a better Kentucky.

While in Campbellsville, the governor also presented a ceremonial check for $147,600 to Adair County, representing a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) project to resurface part of Richard Hollow Road. He also presented a ceremonial check for $530,000 to Casey County representing KYTC’s plans to resurface portions of Rouse Branch Road and South Fork Creek Road.

Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), $250 million has been earmarked for the close of General Assembly 2021 through a bipartisan grant agreement for the water and wastewater to fund projects throughout Kentucky.

“I am grateful for the allocation of funds for the cleaner water program in Casey County and Marion County,” said Sen. Jimmy Higdon, whose district includes Marion County. “I no longer represent Casey County after the state senate redistricting became law, as most know by now. However, I want the people of the county to know how much I appreciate them. They are in good hands with their newest State Senator, Brandon Storm, and I hope he will join me in celebrating today’s announcement and thanking everyone who has helped bring services to reliable water to the county.

“Clean water is essential for healthy families and a vibrant society,” said Sen. Max Wise, whose district includes Taylor and Adair counties. “I appreciate the work Taylor and Adair County officials are doing to ensure strong infrastructure for their residents.”

The Lake Cumberland and Lincoln Trail Area Development Districts have submitted funding applications for all projects to the KIA. The $3 million will fund nine projects ranging from extending water lines to repairing reservoirs.

Examples of rewards:

Taylor County
The Town of Campbellsville will receive $804,197 to upgrade aging water treatment plant equipment, including filters and sedimentation machines, which will improve the quality and supply of water provided to clients.

“Today, Adair and Taylor County are receiving the funds needed to improve drinking water and sanitation systems,” said Rep. Michael Sarge Pollock, who represents Adair and Taylor Counties. “Clean water is something everyone should have access to and this program will ensure that everyone has access to it. Strengthening Kentucky’s critical infrastructure is extremely important, and the cleaner water program is a step in the right direction.

Adair County
The Adair County Water District will receive $705,214 to construct a new water line along Kentucky Highway 551 that will connect two existing water lines on either side of the Green River. This will improve water volume and pressure for the Knifley area. The local pumping station and the pressure reducer will also be replaced.

“Drinking water is something many people take for granted. Improving these watermain and pumphouse projects will be a tremendous asset to Adair County,” said Adair County Judge/Executive Gale Cowan. “The resurfacing project on Richards Hollow Road will also be a huge asset. This road has 25-30 homes and businesses and is a busy road in Adair County. We are pleased to see state funding for this project and wish to thank Governor Beshear and his staff for their assistance.

Casey County
The growing East Casey County Water District will use $593,456 to replace or upgrade aging and outdated equipment, including pump stations, water tanks, water meters automatic, etc

“The cleaner water program will ensure that every person in Casey County has access to safe drinking water,” said Rep. Daniel Elliott, whose district includes Casey County. “It is extremely important for citizens of the Commonwealth to live without worrying about their water supply systems and this program will hopefully do just that. When allocating funds in Senate Bill 36 from last year, programs to improve infrastructure in Kentucky are exactly what we had in mind. I voted for the budget with the certainty that this money would be used to help improve the lives of Kentuckians and it is clear that the money will be used for this.

“I want to thank Governor Beshear for his assistance in obtaining funds to improve our road and water systems,” Casey County Judge/Executive Randy Dial said. “The addition of a new water storage reservoir, upgraded water pumping stations and additional water meters will significantly improve the East Casey Water District’s ability to provide clean drinking water to our citizens. The repairs and resurfacing of Rouse Branch Road and Southfork Creek Road will improve traveler safety and provide better roads for increased tourism and positive economic impacts for one of our largest rural business communities.

Marion County
The Lebanon Water Works Company will receive $83,524 to add a new flow meter to the raw water intake system, allowing the company to better monitor water from the Rolling Fork River and Fagan Branch Reservoir.

“Today, Marion County is receiving the funds needed to improve its water systems and it will ensure that every person has access to safe, clean drinking water,” said Rep. Brandon Reed, whose district includes Marion County. “As Vice Chairman of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, we worked to appropriate ARPA funds for last year’s Senate Bill 36 so that programs like this would be fully funded. I am proud to be part of a legislature that works to improve the lives of Kentuckians.

A list of all funded projects is available here.