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Christchurch’s new mayor calls for help to fund $683m stadium

Christchurch’s new mayor is asking other councils to help pay for a new stadium in the city just days into work.

Phil Mauger must find $150 million for Te Kaha after an unexpected rise in material prices.

He was part of the last council that voted to move forward despite the cost explosion. The stadium’s total bill is now $683 million.

Mauger told 1News he wants all Canterbury councils to help out financially.

“We can go ahead with some guidelines to our neighbors and say, ‘Come on guys, why don’t you give us a little help?’

“All donations gratefully received, we just have to go talk to them and see how we are doing.”

He would like the regional council, known as Environment Canterbury, to introduce a levy.

Environment Canterbury chief executive Dr Stefanie Rixecker said she welcomed further conversations with elected officials in the area “so that any decisions about the arena project are well informed”.

“Our advisers should consider funding options based on any requests from area councils,” Rixecker said.

Selwyn District Mayor Sam Broughton said his council had never been asked to contribute.

“If asked, we would speak to our ratepayers and the citizens of Selwyn and get their input on whether we should contribute,” Broughton said.

Waimakariri Mayor Dan Gordon agreed with Broughton and said Te Kaha was not “planned or funded” in his council’s long-term plan.

Ashburton Mayor Neil Brown questioned the economic benefits for his district.

“We have a second bridge to build at Ashburton. We are in the process of building a library and administration building at the moment, it’s costing $57 million,” Brown said.

If there is no regional membership, Mauger suggested Christchurch Council’s unwanted assets could be sold off like the Orangetheory Stadium.

“I don’t think there would be too many problems there because a lot of people are saying we don’t need one stadium – we certainly don’t need two,” he said. he declares.