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City councilors push for Winnekenni Park repair schedule; Federal funding can help

According to Haverhill City Council members, they plan to receive $700,000 in government funding to improve the park’s hiking trails and repair its tennis courts.

“We are lucky to get the money for this replacement. A government appropriation of $700,000 is currently before the US Senate. It has already received the approval of the House. This would involve the town of Haverhill receiving $700,000 to improve trails in Winnekenni Park and replace tennis court flooring, he said.

Last night, all of council unanimously agreed to write a letter requesting a timeline for the start of public tennis court repairs to Mayor James J. Fiorentini and Director of Social Services Vincent Ouellette. The decision came from Councilman Joseph J. Bevilacqua. Although he agreed, Councilman Thomas J. Sullivan advised his colleagues that there may already be a chance for Haverhill to secure federal funding for these repairs and other improvements to the very popular recreation area. appreciated.

According to WHAV, Congresswoman Lori Trahan oversaw the Winnekenni Project and seven other $13.6 million infrastructure and economic development projects in the 3rd District on July 21.

Councilor Melinda E. Barrett informed the council that the existing tennis court floor also needed to be replaced due to a drainage problem that was causing it to buckle. She said Ouellette informed her that fixing the drainage problem would be accomplished as part of the renovation.

Sullivan said $200,000 would be used to repair the tennis court and $500,000 would be used to improve the trail. He added that in the event the Senate fails to pass the bill, money from the American Rescue Plan Act will be used as a fallback.

Summary of news:

  • City councilors push for Winnekenni Park repair schedule; Federal funding can help
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