Hike sentence

Daniel Boulton sentenced to life for the murder of Bethany Vincent and her autistic son Darren

An obsessed killer who murdered his ex-girlfriend and her autistic son has been jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 40 years.

Daniel Boulton, 30, walked 28 miles from Skegness to Louth in Lincolnshire in May last year to murder Bethany Vincent, 26, and her son Darren, also known as DJ, Henson, nine year.

Loitering around the house for “hours”, he finally struck around 8pm on May 31. He stabbed Mrs. Vincent nine times before going up to DJ’s room and stabbing him 14 times.

Boulton was the subject of a restraining order from Bethany Vincent, despite having developed a “hate” for her son. He “worried” that the boy’s autism would impact his own son.

‘Calmly, hard and efficiently’ killing mother and son while leaving his own nine-month-old unharmed; the killer led Lincolnshire Police on a manhunt. After stabbing an off-duty policeman in the leg, he was finally reprimanded about 24 hours after the killings.

The Boulton killer was said to have been obsessed with Mrs Vincent, while he had a ‘hate’ for his son, DJ

In handing down his sentence, the judge, Mr Justice Pepperall, told Boulton that his actions were motivated by his “hatred” of DJs.

He said: “I’m sure you targeted DJ because of your hate and were motivated by his autism.

“You are a violent and very dangerous man, and you are at constant risk of further violence and even homicide.

“You killed with ruthless efficiency very soon after breaking into the house.” You acted calmly, with insensitivity and efficiency. You intended to kill, you knew precisely what you were doing.

Mr Pepperall added: “There is plenty of evidence that you are manipulative and controlling. Your violence towards Bethany Vincent was, I’m satisfied, born out of a desire to control her life and her thinking, and a deep sense of frustration when you didn’t get what you wanted.

“Whatever your precise intention was when you started your trek to Louth and when you first arrived at Mrs Vincent’s, I am completely satisfied that, having been refused entry at lunchtime, you have deliberately loitered in Louth for a few hours, calmly awaiting his return with (Darren) so you could kill them both.

“I am sure from the evidence that it was calm, controlled, purposeful and deliberate violence.

“Prosecutor Katherine Goddard QC read impact statements in court, including one from DJ’s father.

Mr Henson said: “Above all, the worst part is not being able to hear your voice. I will never be able to hear him shout “Dad”.

“No sentence in the world will suffice for what he did to my son and to Beth.”