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Dayco launches new distribution chains

Dayco has announced the launch of a new line of timing chain kits for the automotive aftermarket, totaling over 100 part numbers.

Kits feature direct OE replacement components, including premium chains that eliminate stretching, precision machined sprockets and high quality plastic guides for excellent wear resistance.

They will cover all high-volume engine applications and include direct OE replacement components for quiet, maintenance-free performance. Kits will be backed by a two-year or 60,000-mile parts and labor warranty.

A series of comprehensive training materials are also featured as part of the launch. Five step-by-step instruction videos have been produced to help certified technicians navigate the repair process. The videos can be found in the training section of the company’s Tech Hub.

“It was an easy decision for us as the timing chain market has continued to grow over the past few years and the front drive system is a core competency for our team,” said Jay Buckley, Director of product management at Dayco North America. . “Over 90% of new vehicles rolling off the lines in the United States are fitted with a timing chain. The chains are durable and work better with the smaller, more complex engines that automakers are launching, so this product line naturally suited us.