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Feeling adventurous? Get this Apple Self Service Repair Kit for your damaged iPhone 13, iPhone 12

The Apple Self-Service Repair Kit is now available in the United States. The program allows Apple customers to repair their iPhones now.

Feeling adventurous? Instead of going on a risky hike, you can try fixing your damaged iPhone at home! Yes, you read that right – YOU can fix your iPhone at HOME! Apple had announced its self-service repair program last year and finally implemented it. The program is currently starting with iPhones and will eventually expand to Macs powered by Apple Silicon and will be available in more countries. Currently, only US Apple customers are eligible for this service for certain devices.

The Self Service Repair online store allows you to repair screens, batteries, speakers, camera modules, SIM trays and Taptic motors on selected iPhone models now. Customers can also repair a bunch of miscellaneous spare parts like bolts and screws on their iPhones. The prices of these repair kits vary depending on the device model and the type of repair you are going to perform. Plus, there are credit benefits if you recycle old parts.

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Apple self-service repair kits available for iPhones

Starting now, the self-service repair program is available for a few select iPhone models. These include the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE 2022. For example, the iPhone 13 screen repair kit will cost you $269.95 and that will include the screen, screw kit , adhesive and security screws. Similarly, the battery repair kit for the iPhone 13 costs $70.99. If that ends up being too much for your wallet, you can even rent the repair kit for a much lower price. Also, if you return old display or battery units, you can get a refund.

Note that the self-service repair kit is only intended for those who have a working understanding of electronic devices and how to repair them. Apple says this service is “intended for people experienced in the intricacies of repairing electronic devices.” Additionally, the self-service repair kit will not void your device’s warranty, although any damage inflicted during the process is not covered.

You should also be aware that some repair kits will require system configuration software to complete the repair process. In these cases, the self-service repair store will contact you by phone or chat to complete the setup.

Note that the service is only available in the United States and may later expand to European markets. Apple has yet to comment on the possibility of this coming to India.