Hike service

Finnish consul service officer on the hiking trails in China’s special administrative zone in Hong Kong

In a recent blog post, Consul Service Officer Ksenia Sormunen talks about the hiking trails in China’s Special Administrative Zone in Hong Kong and they are, according to her, “a day hiker’s paradise.”

Ksenia Sormunen writes that few people know that about 70% of the area of ​​the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is made up of nature and that with the pandemic, hiking has become very popular in Hong Kong.

With public spaces closing and the number of guests in various spaces limited, hiking has become one of the few pastimes in Hong Kong easily accessible. The outdoor spaces of the SAR are the few public places where the obligation to wear a mask does not currently exist, says Ksenia Sormunen.

Also, Ksenia Sormunen shares that guidebooks usually mention only the most popular routes, with the exception of specialist hiking literature. But there are official sites on the internet (mainly the Hong Kong Tourism Board) as well as blogs with good directions and photos along the routes.

“I received ideas and inspiration for future trips from the following blogs: Ms Travel Solo, Drone and Dslr, Journey Era and Laugh Travel Eat. departure and arrival and things to consider along the route. The photos in the blogs help you find the starting points of the routes. Once you have found the right starting point, the paths are clearly marked and you are unlikely to get lost.I also got route advice from other hikers I met on the trails.”

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