Hike service

France’s first undertaker mounted on a bicycle hearse has arrived

“A slow, silent, quiet procession, to the rhythm of the steps of the people who walk behind and make the procession.”

The Paris-based funeral business is called “Le Ciel et la Terre,” and the undertaker’s new cargo bike is designed to carry life-size coffins rather than the usual motorized hearses.

The objective of Plumereau’s activity is to introduce sustainable practices into the funeral service.

“I am as attached to form as I am to substance,” she continued. “For me, it’s very important to support families by giving them meaning in the ceremony, but also by giving them beauty. Because beauty is what will also bring comfort.”

Innovative but not for everyone

After converting the hearse bike to French standards, Plumereau said she already had formal permissions to use it; she was just waiting for her insurer to give the green light.

The black and light wood bicycle hearse caught the attention of onlookers, some curious but not all convinced.

Elyes Meziou, 49, said: “It’s extremely innovative”, but he wouldn’t want it for his own funeral.

There are already “Corbyiclettes” like this in Denmark and the United States. His version, however, is two meters long and is equipped with electric assistance, allowing him to navigate more difficult terrain.