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Fraudster’s appeal to reduce prison sentence dismissed

A repeat fraudster who left a trail of $65,000 in debt and disgruntled victims across the country has been denied a reduced prison sentence.

Blair David Beaumont (37) was sentenced to three years and 10 months in Dunedin District Court in September last year.

Last month, the High Court in Dunedin heard an appeal against the sentence, but Judge Rob Osborne dismissed a challenge to the outcome.

Beaumont’s crime spree began in December 2018 – months after he was released from prison for a previous offense – and continued through May 2021, some of the 36 offenses committed while he was out on bail.

Judge Osborne said the defendant left victims out of his pocket in Central and North Otago, South Canterbury, Canterbury and Wellington.

He summarized the five sets of offences. —

  • Online sale of non-existent items (including containers, shelves, auto parts and electronics).
  • Repair work for which Beaumont made an estimate and received a deposit, but did not do the work.
  • Debts for accommodation and meals, often borne by his company.
  • Beaumont’s failure to return a rental car.
  • Theft of a $3,000 commercial floor washer he pawned for $500

Judge Osborne had called the crimes moderate in their sophistication.

“On several occasions Mr. Beaumont incurred debt for his accommodation, he fabricated emotional stories to gain people’s trust, such as falsely telling a motel that his wife had recently died and he had one child left. very young.

“These acts of deception had a significant emotional and financial impact on victims, with losses exacerbated for accommodation providers amid Covid-19 travel restrictions,” he said.

Attorney Sarah Saunderson-Warner has taken issue with how the sentencing judge increased her client’s jail term for his criminal history.

Judge Osborne was not convinced. He noted that Beaumont had 46 convictions for dishonesty dating back to 2003 and said his recidivism could now be described as “entrenched”.

“It is evident that the previous prison sentences have not deterred Mr. Beaumont. Rather, his dishonesty offenses have increased in frequency and severity since his previous convictions.”

Beaumont will have his first parole hearing in August.

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