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Funding for Valley Park Orchard Trail approved by Test Valley Borough Council

Two projects near Romsey have secured funding approved by Test Valley Borough Council.

They agreed to provide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to the Valley Park Orchard Trail and Viney Avenue to the Cupernham School Pedestrian Works.

It was agreed to provide £29,511 for the orchard path and £13,535 for the pedestrian works.

The trail will have six more orchards with wildflower ground cover in Valley Park. It will also provide locally produced fruit.

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Cllr Alan Dowden said: ‘I want to express my thanks to the agents at Test Valley because we’ve tried to get a bid through before but we just haven’t crossed the line. I asked for help from the officers, we really worked hard to help us cross the line this time.

“Families and visitors will be able to walk the course which will offer all the traditional English fruits.

“The money will fund the Valley Parish Council’s project to increase the number of community orchards from six to twelve and will be marked with signs designed by local schoolchildren from Knightwood and St Francis Primary Schools. The tender will also provide more mature trees to help better protect the School Lane industrial area.

Pedestrian works will provide derelict curbs and wayfinding signage between Viney Avenue and Cupernham School. This is the first phase of a wider project to improve pedestrians and cyclists in Romsey.

Councilors voted unanimously for funding.

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