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Husband killer fights for reduced sentence

A 41-year-old woman currently serving 18 years in prison for murdering her husband by slitting his throat with a kitchen knife, wants the High Court to consider reducing her sentence for the sake of her five children.

In her appeal, Sepiso Babi, a resident of Maganino village in the Zambezi region, says the sentence given to her by the Katima Mulilo Magistrate Court was

Babi said she is the primary caretaker of her children and due to her incarceration they are suffering. She explained that two of her five children have epilepsy and need constant attention.

Her eldest son has since dropped out of school. According to her, the children reside with her sick mother, who is a pensioner. She said what happened to her husband was pure bad luck.

“I really loved my husband with all my heart and I stayed with him for six years, even though he always beat me. In my life, I never beat him. So, I ask the court to have mercy on me and my children,” Babi pleaded. On November 12, 2019, she was convicted of murder for the death of her husband Joseph Hausiku (33) in July 2017. She was consequently sentenced to 18 years in prison. During the trial, it was revealed that Babi slit her husband’s throat with a kitchen knife, which led to his death. It is understood that an argument started when the two men were drinking of the tombo together in their village of Maganino in the Sibbinda region. At one point, it is believed that the deceased drank the tombo without sharing it with his wife. It was then that an argument broke out, and the villagers had to separate them. After the argument, the husband allegedly took some maize and headed for Makanga, about an hour’s walk away, to process corn. However, the wife was still angry with the husband, so she took a kitchen knife and followed him to Makanga, where she began slitting his throat. The two share a five-year-old who was six months old at the time of the incident. The case will be brought before Presiding Judge Hosea Angula for the List of Appeals on April 21.

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2022-03-18 Maria Amakali