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Increased State Funding Keeps Tuition Rising at BC3 – Butler Eagle

Additional $5 per Ok’d Credit

Butler County Community College students will pay an additional $5 per credit in the 2022-23 school year.

The college’s board of trustees voted on the increase at a meeting on Wednesday, where it also gave final approval to next school year’s operating budget. Total expenses for the next school year are expected to be $28.8 million, which matches the college’s projected revenue.

Jim Hrabosky, BC3’s vice president for administration and finance, said the college also expects to receive about $380,000 in additional state funding. He said this stipend is important to the college and is what has kept the tuition increase to $5 per credit. BC3 expects to receive $8,956,000 from the state in operating support.

“Affordability is inherent in our mission; we felt $5 was reasonable but not excessive,” Hrabosky said. “If we hadn’t gotten that raise from the state, we probably would have raised $10 (per credit). State funding will be a big increase for us, probably the biggest increase we’ve seen in at least five years.

Hrabosky said the college still has nearly $1.5 million in Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplementary Appropriation Act money, which is expected to be spent by the end of 2022.

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