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India News | NIA court convicts two for theft from aircraft carrier under construction in Kerala

New Delhi, Nov 04 (PTI) A special NIA court in Ernakulam, Kerala, on Friday convicted two men of criminal trespassing and theft of critical computer hardware components installed on a computer system in an aircraft carrier under construction in 2019 , said an official.

The convicts were Sumit Kumar Singh, a resident of Bihar, and Daya Ram, a native of Rajasthan.

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The NIA Special Court in Ernakulam sentenced Singh to five years in rigorous imprisonment and Daya Ram to three years in RI.

Both Singh and Daya Ram were fined Rs 1.70 lakh each, a National Investigation Agency (NIA) spokesperson said.

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“The case in question concerns the criminal intrusion and theft of critical computer hardware components, including processors, RAM and solid-state drives installed on computer systems aboard IACs (Indigenous Aircraft Carriers) under construction in Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), Kochi, between July and September 2019 thereby causing damage to sensitive defense infrastructure with the intention of threatening the security of India,” the spokesperson said.

The NIA said the case was initially registered at Ernakulam Town South Police Station on September 16 and re-registered by it on September 26, 2019.

“NIA investigators have recovered one of the SSDs and RAM stolen during a search of the home of Defendant Singh in Munger district of Bihar.

“Investigation revealed that the accused had sold one of the stolen processors. All remaining items, believed to have been stolen, were recovered from Surat, Gujarat, where Singh had been staying for two months, after leaving Kochi in September 2019,” the spokesperson said. .

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