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Infrastructure financing for 19 projects in the South East region

CANADA, February 18 – MONCTON (GNB) – The provincial and federal governments today announced $3.5 million for 19 infrastructure projects in southeastern New Brunswick.

“We are pleased that the Canada Community Development Fund is helping us foster healthy environments and sustainable communities across the province,” said Local Government and Local Governance Minister Daniel Allain. “This funding is critical to maintaining and improving our infrastructure strategically and based on the unique needs of each region and community.

“Investments in infrastructure help strengthen the fabric of our communities,” said federal Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Dominic LeBlanc. “Whether it’s improving a recreational facility or renovating a community hall, the investments our government is making will strengthen local economies and improve the quality of life for New Brunswickers across the province, ensuring the prosperity of families and businesses.

Approved projects vary in size and cost. For example, the Southeast Regional Service Commission will receive approximately $951,000 for the construction of a waterfront trail in the south of the province that will include sections located in six local service districts.

The Notre-Dame Community Center will receive approximately $422,000 to upgrade the ball diamonds, walking track, playground and kitchen and install a backup power source.

A list of all funded projects is available online.

The program, formerly known as the Gas Tax Fund, is a permanent source of federal funding for infrastructure investments. While 80% of funding is allocated to local governments, 20% is available for projects benefiting residents of local service districts.

The Department of Environment and Local Government hosted stakeholder engagement sessions to help identify infrastructure priorities for local service districts. Although project applications were accepted in all 19 categories, preference was given to the following application types:

  • improvements to existing infrastructure;
  • low-cost recreational, sports, cultural and tourism projects with regional benefits;
  • projects that respond to provincial priorities, such as boosting the private sector, creating vibrant and sustainable communities and the environment;
  • projects receiving additional financial support such as donations, fundraising efforts, local tax contributions or other funding programs; and
  • projects benefiting multiple stakeholders.

Regional service commissions, water and wastewater commissions, community groups and other organizations acting on behalf of unincorporated areas were invited to apply for funding. More information on the Canadian Community Development Fund is available online

There is approximately $55 million available for unincorporated areas of New Brunswick. To date, approximately $22 million of the $55 million fund has been allocated. Projects must be completed by March 31, 2024.