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Led by Burien’s Andy Kleitsch, Atomo closes $40 million financing to expand its bean-free coffee product line

Atomo Coffee, Inc. – whose CEO and co-founder is Andy Kleitsch de Burien – announced the closing of a $40 million Series A investment from agtech leaders S2G Ventures, AgFunder and Horizons Ventures.

The funding round allows for further investment in new bean-free coffee product development, manufacturing scale and the official consumer launch of their game-changing beverages starting with two ready-to-drink cold brews. Available now, early products include Classic Black and Ultra Smooth, both brewed with plant-based ingredients and delivering the caffeine consumers expect. Atomo R&D will continue to innovate in the category by creating products to meet all coffee formats and tasting occasions.

“With Atomo in the hands of the consumer, we’re empowering them to drink the coffee they love while making the choice to do something better for the planet, every day,” Kleitch said.

Founded in 2019 in the heart of Seattle, Atomo’s mission is to reverse engineer coffee using recycled ingredients to deliver a consistently smooth coffee experience with reduced environmental impact. Having perfected their solution, they are now ready to offer consumers a premium tasting coffee experience with 93% less carbon emissions and 94% less water.

“Atomo’s cold brew products offer great environmental benefits and taste better than other products on the shelves,” said Chuck Templeton. “Good taste and better for the planet is a win-win combination.”

In a recent blind taste study conducted by National Food Labs, Atomo Cold Brew ranked competing conventional cold brew products on 2:1 preference, with panelists unable to to recognize that Atomo was made without conventional coffee beans.

“We are amazed at how Atomo’s molecular platform is able to create such a bean-free coffee experience for consumers, with every sip bringing confidence and satisfaction. Atomo brings taste and durability to coffee lovers around the world. said Wayne Cheng of Horizons Ventures.

Numerous reports over the past five years have highlighted the effects of climate change on coffee growing regions around the world. Drought, frost, as well as rising temperatures, have made current coffee-growing regions less suitable, leading growers to clear areas of pristine rainforest upriver to achieve more tolerable climates for their coffee plantations.

“The demand for coffee is increasing year on year, with climate change having a significant impact on agricultural regions, which in turn will impact the consumer through price and availability,” said Rob Leclerc of AgFunder, “The revolutionary technologies developed by Atomo will be part of the solution so that future generations can continue to enjoy their favorite beers.

Atomo is now available on the company’s website www.atomocoffee.com and will be available in select outlets later this year.

About Andy Klietsch
Originally from PNW, Andy Kleitsch was born and raised in Burien, WA, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Emerson College. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey in the early 90s on a 14.4k modem, Andy and his wife launched the WeddingChannel.com (now TheNode.com) and have since become addicted to startups. Over the past 15 years, Andy has founded several technology companies in various fields and spent a few years in innovation at Amazon Payments developing a mobile wallet program.

His expertise and enthusiasm come from early ventures. His first mobile payments business came before the iPhone, and he is now working to bring the world’s first grain-free coffee to market.

Andy enjoys boating around Puget Sound with his family as well as backcountry hikes. He and his wife continue to advance their startup experience by hosting the “BYOB: Build Your Own Business” club for student entrepreneurs at the University of Washington, as well as Andy serving on the board of mentors for the master’s program in entrepreneurship.

About Atomo Coffee
Founded in 2019, Atomo is a Seattle-based food tech startup making coffee taste better and tackling the climate crisis by reinventing the coffee of tomorrow. They reverse engineered the coffee bean, producing exceptional cold brew coffee that tastes great and feels good. Learn more about www.atomocoffee.com.

About S2G Ventures
S2G Ventures, the direct investment team of Visio Buildersn, partners with entrepreneurs working on solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges in the food, agriculture, oceans and clean energy markets. They provide capital, mentorship and value-added resources to companies seeking innovative market-based solutions that generate positive social, environmental and financial returns. They provide partners with flexible capital solutions that can range from seed and venture capital financing to debt and infrastructure financing to growth capital. For more information on S2G, visit s2gventures.comtune in to them Podcastor connect with them on LinkedIn.