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Charlotte Mathers, 44, escaped jail after she pleaded guilty to an offense which saw her offending a suspended prison sentence from the Crown Court.

Mathers, of Terrace Road in Newport, previously pleaded guilty to driving without care and attention, failing to stop after a traffic accident and failing to report an accident following an accident in the early hours at Sandown in December last year.

It was just after 5am on December 4 that police were called to Albert Road, Sandown when a VW Beetle – owned and registered in Mathers – rammed into a number of parked vehicles causing extensive damage, it is heard Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court. afternoon (Tuesday).

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By the time officers arrived, the driver and passenger of the vehicle had already fled the scene, leaving behind the destruction of 5 vehicles and the abandoned VW in the middle of the road. A Subaru Impreza suffered £3,000 damage while a Mini One was completely written off.

Ann Smout, prosecuting, told the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court that Mathers did not report the crash within 24 hours but then presented herself to police, saying she was fleeing from someone one who pursued her. Ms Smout said in a voluntary interview, Mathers said she believed an ex-partner was following her through Shanklin, Lake and Sandown. After the crash, she then fled the scene as she feared the vehicle might show up – but it didn’t.

Mathers and her new boyfriend drove to a nearby hotel to look for a room and despite their cell phones, made no effort to report the matter to the police, the court heard.

Magistrates decided on February 15 to send the case back to the Isle of Wight Crown Court for sentencing because Mathers had breached a 4-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, which was handed down by the Crown Court in February 2021 for the offense of being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog.

Charlotte Mathers appeared at Isle of Wight Crown Court for sentencing today (Tuesday) and was given 6 points on her driving license and given a 12 month probation order with 15 days of rehabilitation.

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The suspended sentence was not activated after hearing defense attorney Oscar Vincent say it would be “unfair” given Mather’s personal circumstances.

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