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Mom is launching a VIP wedding pet service to prepare your dog for your big day

A Coventry mum is launching a bespoke wedding cat and dog chaperone service to prepare your pet for your ceremony – so you don’t have to.

Jess Tandy, 26, from Nuneaton, runs a dog walking business and has expanded her services to include ‘wedding chaperoning’ for pooches.

She decided to launch the service to ease the pressure on married couples on their big day who want to include pets in their festivities.

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And for many, pets are like family – so why should they miss the party?

Your pets will enjoy exclusive VIP treatment on your wedding day and have the chance to be part of your ceremony in hassle-free service.

Jess will pick up your pet and take it for a walk before driving it out for a full grooming and styling with matching accessories.

She also offers a “walk down the aisle” service and will even supervise your pets for wedding photos, making sure they are still and posing for photos.

This saves the bride, groom and wedding guests from frantically chasing after pets on the day, which can be a handful.

Your pets will receive luxury VIP treatment and will be walked, groomed, groomed and ready for the wedding

Speaking about the service, Jess, owner of Jess & Lily’s Dog Walking, told Coventry Live: “I teamed up with a friend of mine who runs a dog grooming business called Shampooches Boutique.

“The morning of the wedding, I’ll pick up the dog from home, walk for a good hour to get rid of the excitable energy.

“Then I will take your pet to Sal à Shampooches where he will have a complete grooming, nails cut, a good bath, then a bow tie or an accessory in the color theme of the wedding.

“I will then take the dog to the wedding where various options are available including walking down the aisle or waiting after the ceremony for the wedding photos to be included in them.

“After the wedding, I suggest another walk before going home or to a boarding house for the family to pick up the dog the next day.”

Pet wedding packages start at £150.

Jess is no stranger to pooch care, having started walking her dog as a hobby in April last year during weekends with her nine-year-old daughter Lily.

In November last year, Jess was made redundant from her job at a family gift shop.

The mum has since launched her full-time dog walking service, called Jess & Lily’s Dog Walking – and her daughter, Lily, regularly helps her mum.

Jess and her daughter Lily, 9, who also helps her mother walk her dog

Jess uploaded a post announcing her new bespoke wedding chaperone services which have been a big hit, reaching over 5,000 people with dozens of new posts.

She has since been booked for a wedding in July.

Jess said: “I’ve just been booked in for my first wedding which is due to take place in July.

“But I’m hopeful that more bookings will come through with the amount of messages I’ve received since yesterday when I first posted the idea on my social media.

“I think dog owners love having their dog at their wedding because they are part of the family and now they can be involved in the day.

“Owners can have one less thing to worry and stress about because I’m available all day to help them.”

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