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New attack ad accuses Lina Hidalgo of funding bike lanes instead of police

Current Harris County Democratic Judge Lina Hidalgo was accused in a recent ad by Republican challenger Alexandra del Moral Mealer of choosing to fund bike lanes over law enforcement, a comparison that has has some people scratching their heads online. The ad, which Del Moral Mealer posted on Twitter on Oct. 5, also accuses Hidalgo of defunding the police, among other things.

“Under Lina Hidalgo, Harris County fell into crisis,” the ad reads. “Her radical crime policies have led to hundreds of murders and her top advisers want to abolish prisons. She claims funding bike lanes and social workers is the same as law enforcement.”

The ad also claims that Hidalgo faces criminal charges “for rigging an $11 million contract for insiders,” noting the indictment of two of his top aides and a former staff member for allegedly leading an $11 million vaccine outreach contract — which Hidalgo ultimately canceled — to Houston-based marketing firm Elevate Strategies. “Crime. Competence. Incompetence. On November 8, let’s end the nightmare,” the ad concludes.

Social media users in the area took note of the bike path mention in the ad, which likely refers to a biking and hiking trail connection between Buffalo Bend Nature Park and Hidalgo Park that Hidalgo announced last year. “The humble bike path makes its debut in attack advertising here in Harris County,” tweeted Bike Houston executive director Joe Cutrufo, adding, “I knew this would happen.”

“I was unaware of a bike path in Humble. Why is this so controversial?” asked another Twitter user. Another commented, “Don’t threaten me with having a good time.”

Hidalgo has fiercely denied accusations by Mealer and other Republicans, as Texas Governor Greg Abbottthat she “cancel” the police, noting that the county has provided funding increases to the sheriff, constables and district attorney in every budget session since 2018. Meanwhile, Mealer, who campaigned on a platform form of crime control, proposed a public safety plan that would include adding 1,000 new law enforcement officers.

In an emailed statement, Hidalgo campaign spokesperson Toni Harrison said that under the Democrat’s leadership, funding for law enforcement has actually increased by 23%. “The proposed 2023 budget that is intentionally blocked by Republicans includes $1.4 billion for each county law enforcement agency,” Harrison wrote in reference to Republican Harris County Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey, who skipped recent Court of Commissioners meetings to prevent the Democratic majority from passing. a slight decrease in the property tax rate, according to Houston Chronicle.

“Mealer’s difficulty with facts comes as no surprise – she is a far-right candidate who has yet to acknowledge that Trump lost the 2020 election,” Harrison wrote. Harrison also added that she was unaware of any indictment against Hidalgo, noting a Statement of June 3 of District Attorney Kim Ogg“We did not target or send a targeted letter [to] Judge Hidalgo.”