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No need for Apple Watch: Apple is bringing the Fitness+ service to iPhone users this fall

Fitness enthusiasts who rely on Apple’s Fitness+ for important data about their workouts and routines will soon no longer need the Apple Watch to access the app; only the iPhone would do.

A watchless Fitness+ was teased at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year that the iPhone-only version would be available in the fall as the Cupertino-based tech giant rolls out its seasonal lineup of new products, including including the iPhone 14, as part of the iOS 16 update. Apple said Fitness+ will come to all 21 countries where the service is available.

From the Apple Watch-only fitness app to the iPhone app that monitors fitness metrics

The development will bring the Fitness app to all iPhone users, where it can monitor stats, such as walking information and other fitness metrics. On top of that, Apple noted that the Fitness app will now feature an improved workout summary.

Fitness+ was designed in 2020 to meet the needs of Apple Watch owners who were looking to workout from their wrist-worn accessory, offering different types of workouts, from yoga to strength training, going through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and wellness-focused workouts involving guided sessions. meditations. Through the Fitness app, users can view stats, such as real-time metrics, including heart rate, right on the watch screen. Since it is a subscription, the service also offers regular weekly updates with new workouts.

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Now, iPhone-only users will soon be able to access the full Fitness+ service, which includes 3,000 trainer-guided workouts and meditations. Your iPhone will then estimate the calories you burn, which will be tabulated to track users’ progress on the Move ring. However, Apple Watch will surely offer more accurate numbers. And, since you would need an iPhone to use Fitness+, users will also be able to access Fitness+ on the iPad and Apple TV.

More “Time to Walk”, “Time to Run” episodes to come

Additionally, Apple will release more “Time to Walk” episodes this fall. Apple’s “Time to Walk” is an audio experience produced to encourage people to get out and walk more often. The fourth season will feature stories from celebrities such as Regina Hall, Nicky Jam, Constance Wu, and Meghan Trainor. “Time to Run,” meanwhile, will provide Fitness+ subscribers with virtual running routes from locations including Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; Mexico City; Anchorage, Alaska; Monterey, California; and Seattle. “Time to Walk” and “Time to Run” will also be available in the iPhone Fitness+ app.

Starting September 12, Fitness+ users will have access to more Artist Spotlight workouts, which feature music from Mary J. Blige, The Rolling Stones and The Weeknd. A new collection of Pilates workouts designed to strengthen the whole body will also be offered, along with yoga classes led by a new trainer. On Apple Watch, specific Fitness+ workouts will have additional on-screen guidance and coach coaching.

Apple also says iOS 16 users can earn rewards for personal bests, streaks, or major milestones, such as completing a Fitness+ workout or meditation.

The app itself will ship to iPhone users with the release of iOS 16, which will arrive on Monday, September 12.

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