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Opal Lee, Juneteenth’s grandmother, celebrates her birthday with a day of service

Civil rights icon Opal Lee celebrated her 96th birthday on Friday, and she marked the occasion by getting back to work with a day of service for her birthday weekend.

There were several different ways for volunteers to contribute on Saturday morning.

Some worked at Opals Farm, the urban farm named in his honor.

He works to support neglected communities.

Others volunteered at the community food bank or dropped off items.

People also joined Lee for a hunger march.

“I’m just blown away as the kids would say. There’s so much we can do and we’re going to keep doing it. And I’m going to keep walking and talking until we’ve done some of it,” Lee said.

“This month is food bank preparation for Thanksgiving, but as we all know, since the outbreak of COVID, there has been an increased need for food and pantry,” said Reverend Karen Harris, Executive Coordinator of the Community Food Bank. .

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Lee’s birthday weekend began Friday with friends and family gathering to watch the Nobel Peace Prize announcement.

She was nominated for her life’s work for equality and the drive to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

Although she didn’t win, she said just being nominated was a great honor.