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Our take on Zubair’s SC hearing, service tax, Boris Johnson’s exit – in 50 words

This week we saw outrageous turns in Mohammad Zubair’s bail hearing in the Supreme Court, the raising of taxes on gold imports, the removal of the mandatory service tax and comments from the General Qamar Javed Bajwa on the Pakistani army. Read our 50-word editorials about them and more.

July 8

If SC grants bail to Zubair and Ranjan, lower courts will know bail is the rule, jail is the exception

The UK must reduce its budget deficit and rebuild European trade. Throwing out the captain won’t help

July 7

China must realize that intimidation will not work. India’s message from Bali is clear

The government must stop regulating the vaccination program through CoWIN. Leave it to the health system

The resignation of a Kerala minister following a remark on the Constitution is a bold reference. Should apply to all of India

July 6

Aviation economics are always tough, but safety comes first. Airlines cannot compromise

Powers under computer law should not be used arbitrarily. Social networks must be responsible, the government too

The service tax raises the wages of low-paid workers. Regulating this business is anti-market

July the 5th

Chasing England’s final highest run was dramatic. But this casts doubt on Indian bowling, the strategy

Bajwa’s army cannot stay out of politics. Pakistani generals have a taste for power

Modi’s advice to BJP to reach out to non-Hindus is good but must go beyond lip service

Regulating digital media is not a way to preserve the rule of law. Judges must be tough

4th July

The increase in the tax on gold imports cancels the advantages of the reform of 1991. It will make smuggling profitable again