Hike service

Pastor holding a service on the church porch after it was damaged by Ian


The community church in Cape Coral, gutted by Hurricane Ian, is doing its best to pick up the pieces and carry on despite the lack of a sanctuary, it still holds services weekly.

They were forced to pray on the porch because of the damage caused by Ian.

Half of the top of the church is barricaded due to the ferocity of the storm.

As people climb the steps to enter, there is no front door due to Ian’s powerful gusts knocking it off the hinges.

God has Pastor Tommy Dennis’ attention, especially after the damage to the community church in Cape Coral.

“It’s almost like a wind tunnel. He just blew up that wall. And hit the next one. He blew out the windows there and hit the outside walls. Just bang bang bang,” Dennis said.

Pastor Dennis tearing up the carpet after the damage was done, for those who worship in church it was moving.

“A lot of them have tears in their eyes. I was just trying to encourage them to say yes, it’s more than sticks and stones, it’s our church. Lots of memories attached, but we don’t care. will come out,” Dennis said.

Amidst all the devastation, there are still signs of hope, crosses intact or created. And Pastor Dennis’ pulpit, hidden under the rubble, still standing.

“There was a gash that when I preach from her today I got my hands on it because it’s a reminder to me,” Dennis said. “I’m not trying to make something a rainbow out of a rainstorm, but it has told me and many people that God is always with us no matter what. be the devastation that surrounds us.”

Help spread that hope, the church immediately put the needs of the community ahead of their own by collecting supplies to donate to those in need and continuing to hold weekend services outdoors on their porch.

The pastor explained that they could have moved but that is where they can do the most good.

“We have to come together,” Dennis said. “Together to draw strength from each other. Pray together and be able to help our neighbour.

WINK News spoke with members of the church on Friday and even though it’s outdoors, they cherish the opportunity to continue worshiping together, especially while the community recovers.

The church will distribute supplies for those in need Saturday at 10 a.m.