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Paul Stuart Meadowcroft: Geraldton man set to appeal conviction for ramming cyclist Steve Zimmermann

A Geraldton driver jailed for deliberately driving his car into a cyclist – leaving him a quadriplegic – is set to appeal his eight-and-a-half-year sentence.

Paul Stuart Meadowcroft was found guilty of intentionally endangering the life, health or safety of Steve Zimmermann when he drove his Isuzu D-MAX ute straight into the Bayly Street cyclist on April 1, 2021.

A jury returned its guilty verdict after a four-day trial in Geraldton District Court earlier this year.

In June, Meadowcroft was sentenced to more than eight years behind bars by District Court Judge Martin Flynn.

Defense attorney George Giudice said Meadowcroft would appeal his prison sentence.

Meadowcroft was driving his nearly two tonne utility when he passed the German hiker on his bike at a roundabout in Geraldton.

A lawsuit has heard something prompted Mr Zimmermann to wave and yell in the direction of Meadowcroft, 51, before walking down the Bayly Street footpath.

Witnesses and CCTV captured Meadowcroft turning around, crossing the wrong side of the road, then the curb and then the kerb – before hitting Mr Zimmermann at almost 30km/h.

The impact catapulted the German traveler several meters into the air and then into the fence.

Meadowcroft sped up, leaving the cyclist in the hands of strangers – and with life-altering injuries.

He is quadriplegic, with no muscle control below the waist, with only slight movements in his arms, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

Fiona Stanley Hospital rehabilitation specialist Dr Fiona McHugh told the court Mr Zimmermann’s injuries were permanent and he was unlikely to ever walk again.

Meadowcroft had admitted causing the injuries.

But at trial, he denied intentionally endangering Mr. Zimmermann’s life.