Hike funding

Port Jervis receives revitalization funding

State Senator James Skoufis worked with the Mayor of Port Jervis to advance two community development projects.

Skoufis helped secure a $400,000 grant to revitalize West End Park and Orange Square Veterans Park, where the city holds ceremonies for veterans.

Mayor Kelly Decker said the money will bring more life to Port Jervis.

“We’re not Newburgh on the Hudson,” Decker said. “It’s a place where recreation has really taken hold. Not only do we have kayaking, canoeing and rafting here on this Delaware river, but in the mountains behind us we have 50 miles of hiking trails and trails. cycle paths.

Decker said they would make improvements to attract more tourists.

“Of course, in any community, our veterans who defend our constitution and defend this country deserve the honor and respect that they gave their lives for our country, that we keep that honor alive and that we have our memorial services here,” Decker said.

Dejay Birtch, store manager at Action Bikes and Outdoors, said he’s been working there since opening its doors three years ago. He has lived in the city for most of his life and said he has noticed changes in recent years.

“Growing up here, like this town was thriving and then you know, like a lot of small towns, the United States went through a bunch of hardships,” Birtch said.

Birtch said luckily for him business was good as the pandemic changed routines.

“Outdoor recreation, in general, was flourishing at that time. So we’ve been in on that given that we’re selling bikes, outdoor recreation gear, camping gear, all that stuff,” Birtch said.

Birtch hopes business will pick up now that Port Jervis is investing in some outdoor and recreational areas of the city. Revitalization projects are underway and are expected to begin early next spring.