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Rochdale News | News Headlines | Roach Dynamos FC awarded £500,000 funding to revamp football facilities

Date published: 06 April 2022

A Heywood-based football club – Roach Dynamos FC – has received a grant to improve facilities at its ground.

The club have received £533,882 from the Premier League, the FA and the government’s Football Foundation for the construction of a new clubhouse pavilion and improved vehicle access at their Sutherland Road site.

The work must include a multi-purpose social space that will be used by community partners for multi-sport, health and wellness programs, and broader community programs.

This grant will allow Roach Dynamos FC, which plays in the borough leagues, to give the chance to more than 350 players to play football each week, to considerably improve their facilities by building a clubhouse, with toilets and locker rooms.

Players will be able to take advantage of facilities they did not have before, which will be a significant improvement for the club as a whole.

Roach Dynamos FC worked with The Football Foundation and County FA, ​​Rochdale Council and Steve Wells Associates Ltd to secure a grant for the project.

Roach Dynamos FC
Roach Dynamos FC

The Football Foundation is the UK’s largest sporting charity and exists to improve the experience of playing football for all, by championing fair access to quality facilities.

Paul and Debbie Wright, and Julie and Mark Newbon, who are committee members and directors of the club, said: ‘We have worked for many years to highlight the lack of facilities on our ground, which has been a problem enormous, not only ourselves, but also for the visiting teams.

“We are delighted that our voices have been heard and that we have received investment from the Premier League, the FA and the Government Football Foundation, as well as investment from Rochdale Council, to build these facilities which we have all need.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped us achieve our goal; Thank you.”

One of Roach Dynamos' junior teams

Robert Sullivan, Chief Executive of The Football Foundation, said: “This grant to Roach Dynamos FC for the development of a brand new clubhouse is great news for the local community.

“This will support people’s ability to play our national game locally and therefore help unlock the many benefits of football for physical and mental well-being. This is why we are committed to transforming the face of grassroots football facilities in this country. So it’s great news to hear that this funding will help Roach Dynamos FC develop a new clubhouse that will benefit them and their local community.

“The Football Foundation is working closely with our partners – the Premier League, FA, Government and Sport England – to support facility development projects like this across the country over the next decade to help transform our core game and unleash the power of the land.”

One of Roach Dynamos' junior teams

The investment is part of a £39 million commitment to improve access to physical activity across England. A total of 116 projects will receive funding to create and improve pitches, changing rooms and pavilions, so that more local communities can access quality facilities.

The projects were chosen for their ability to provide improved facilities in disadvantaged areas, support the use of multiple sports and increase the participation of currently under-represented groups, including women, girls and players with disabilities.

The funding, combined with contributions from the FA, Premier League, clubs and other local partners, will improve the quality of community facilities, bring people together to enjoy sport in their area, regenerate communities and strengthen social cohesion .