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Saulteau and Fort Nelson First Nations receive infrastructure funding

FORT NELSON, BC — Two First Nations in northeastern British Columbia are receiving just under $500,000 for infrastructure upgrades.

Fort Nelson First Nation will receive $324,040 for improvements to Drum Arbor and Moose Camp. Saulteau First Nation will receive $154,790 for its cemetery upgrade and beautification project.

Funding for the heritage infrastructure program comes from the province’s 150 Time Immemorial grant program.

According to CPAC, 63 submissions were received and 25% of applicants received funding.

Funding would be awarded through an external peer review process that includes First Nations experts in First Nations heritage.

The funds are managed by the First Peoples Cultural Foundation, and FPCC administers the grants and provides ongoing project management support.

Other projects that have received funding range from new initiatives to upgrades and improvements to existing spaces, such as building museums and improving trails.

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