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Sex offender who raped while on parole to serve his full sentence

Serial rapist Beaudene Brady, pictured in 2008, is due to be released from prison on Christmas Day.

Lawrence Smith / Stuff

Serial rapist Beaudene Brady, pictured in 2008, is due to be released from prison on Christmas Day.

A sex offender who raped a woman in her home and a teenager just weeks after his parole will be released from prison in time for Christmas dinner.

Although he is subject to numerous release conditions, he is still at high risk of an offense despite more than a decade behind bars.

Beaudine Karepe Kariatana Brady, 38, is spending the final months of her 14-year prison sentence in Whanganui prison.

He is there because he raped an 18-year-old man in Kawerau in 2007, meeting the teenager at a gas station before asking him to join a ride home.

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Brady then suggested a shortcut through an empty section, where he punched the teenager in the head before raping him.

It came 25 days after he was released on parole after serving six years of a nine-year sentence for raping a 51-year-old woman in her home in September 2001.

The Parole Board was required to release him at the time as he had served two-thirds of his sentence as there was no request from Corrections to keep him in prison.

The rules have since changed, with all inmates serving long sentences having to show they pose no undue risk to the community before being released early.

Brady was denied early release when he appeared before the Parole Board in October, with a report provided to Things noting that he is to be released on Christmas Eve.

He will be subject to an extended supervision order – a court order giving the Correctional Service the power to restrict where released offenders live, work and otherwise go – for at least the first five years of his life. release.

The council said Brady had undergone extensive psychological treatment but still remained at high risk for violent offenses and moderate to high risk for sexual offences.

He was working with the high-risk Corrections team to ensure he was released into appropriate accommodation and knew he needed help to return to life on the outside after so long in prison.

But the accommodation was full, so the board was not comfortable releasing it.

They did, however, think it was appropriate that he be released a little before Christmas so that he would have time on parole before the “Christmas closing”.

He will then be considered for parole in November, with the commission wanting him to attend guided releases and a reintegration hui beforehand.

The board also wanted more details about the terms of his extended supervision order and any treatment plan.