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Star Hobson’s evil mother gets jail sentence increased to 12 years after sick lover was trampled to death

STAR Hobson’s evil mother will spend more time behind bars after top judges upped her sentence to four years in prison.

Frankie Smith, 20, was caged for eight years for causing or allowing the death of her 16-month-old daughter at the hands of her sick lover.


Frankie Smith was found guilty of causing or permitting the death of a childCredit: PA
Star was trampled to death


Star was trampled to death

His sentence was referred to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General’s Office under an unduly lenient regime.

Top judges have now decided to increase the prison term to 12 years following a public backlash.

The maximum sentence for the offense is 14 years.

Smith’s partner Savannah Brockhill was jailed for life with a minimum of 25 years for Star’s murder, but her sentence was not deemed too lenient.

Dame Victoria Sharp, President of the Queen’s Bench Division, said: “The circumstances of Star’s treatment between the two hands for an extended period are heartbreaking and deeply disturbing.”

She said Smith showed a “constant pattern of cruelty” towards Star in the months leading up to his death.

The judge also explained that the offense was aggravated by Smith’s failure to seek medical help for Star and by the “prolonged suffering” to which she was subjected.

Speaking after the judgment, Attorney General Suella Braverman QC said: “This is a tragic and extremely heartbreaking case and my thoughts are with everyone who loved Star Hobson.

“This case involved prolonged cruelty and neglect, willful disregard and a failure to take action to protect her or seek help before and after her murder.

“No sentence can reverse this tragedy, but I welcome the decision to reflect the seriousness of this offense by increasing the sentence today.”

Brockhill stomped the little Star to death after he waged a campaign of brutal emotional and physical abuse against the tot.

She laughed as she was imprisoned as Star’s heartbroken family slammed the “unbelievably sweet phrases”.

Smith’s grandfather Frank, 68, previously told The Sun: “Is it worth Star’s life? Frankie will be out in four years – how is that justice?

“She watched her child die. She lied repeatedly to cover her and Brockhill’s tracks. They both deserve to rot in jail. It’s disgusting.”

A review of safeguarding practices was launched following Star’s death, which occurred just weeks after the horrific murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

The boy’s killers also face longer jail terms after their prison sentences were also referred to the Court of Appeal.


In a chilling echo of the six-year-old’s death, there were five opportunities to save Star, but the family’s concerns were ignored by social workers and police.

During a lengthy trial, jurors endured heartbreaking footage of Star looking badly bruised with a swollen cheek and marks on her forehead.

They also watched clips of the Brockhill pub bouncer hitting and slapping Star with “considerable force” 21 times over a three-hour period.

The brutal attack took place in his car – the heavy blows knocking Star out of the vehicle at one point.

The crying toddler could also be seen painfully climbing a flight of stairs while suffering from a broken shin as the two women forced her to walk.

In another “disturbing and bizarre” clip, Star was filmed falling from her high chair and hitting the floor as music played overhead.

The freak couple also captured the young girl so exhausted that she fell asleep in a bowl of food.


On September 22 last year, paramedics rushed to the house to find Star lifeless, pale and wearing only a diaper.

She was in cardiac arrest and as they attempted CPR, Star vomited up “large amounts” of brown material.

The audio of the haunting 999 call made by Brockhill 15 minutes after beating Star has been released by police.

She claims she was in the kitchen making coffee when she heard a “bang” coming from the living room where Star was playing with three other children.

When asked what the stunt was, the monster says she doesn’t know if Star had “fallen off the couch” or if the horror happened while she was performing.


Star was airlifted to hospital but unfortunately could not be saved and was pronounced dead a short time later.

The 16-month-old girl died in hospital from loss of blood after her inferior vena cava – the largest vein in the body – was torn.

Doctors said his injuries were usually only seen in victims of car accidents and were caused by “punches, kicks or dabs”.

Prosecutor Alistair MacDonald QC said: “The reality is that Star’s injuries were so catastrophic that there was never any real chance of saving his life.”

When questioned by police, Brockhill suggested the injuries were caused by a two-year-old child, which the prosecution called “absurd”.

Instead, the doctors said the “degree of force” inflicted on Star was “so great” that it was “completely impossible for the doctors to consider that it could have been inflicted by a child”.

Mr MacDonald said: “The effect of these injuries was immediate and profuse bleeding into the abdominal cavity which caused a catastrophic drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and death within seconds to minutes. .

“The assault or assaults that killed Star clearly involved the use of severe force and were clearly intentional. This little girl suffered no accidental death.”


Doctors also found a number of “significant injuries” the baby had suffered “at different times in her short life”.

This included two right tibia fractures “caused by forced twisting”, a fractured skull and an old brain injury.

In total, she had 15 separate head injuries and ten bruises to her legs, ankles, feet and toes.

Star’s great-grandfather David slammed Brockhill after the verdict was delivered after it was revealed his wife asked social services: ‘Do you want another baby P?’

He said: “To me, she was just pure evil. I just can’t believe she could do something like that to a little girl.

“We were just a quiet, lovely family and she came out of the bowels of hell and completely devastated and destroyed our family.

“It’s disgusting because there were five dismissals. None of them did anything.”

“It’s just beyond belief, really.”

Star was seen bruised in photos


Star was seen bruised in photos
Savannah Brockhill was found guilty of murder


Savannah Brockhill was found guilty of murder
Frankie Smith, left, and Savannah Brockhill have been jailed


Frankie Smith, left, and Savannah Brockhill have been jailed
Star Hobson was murdered by her mother's partner


Star Hobson was murdered by her mother’s partnerCredit: PA
In total, she suffered 15 separate head injuries and ten bruises to her legs, ankles, feet and toes.


In total, she suffered 15 separate head injuries and ten bruises to her legs, ankles, feet and toes.
Jurors heard how her mother Frankie Smith called her a


Jurors heard how her mother Frankie Smith called her a ‘little c***’Credit: Facebook
She punished her if she behaved badly


She punished her if she behaved badly
The couple also filmed her crying as she stood in front of a wall to


The couple also filmed her crying as she stood in front of a wall for ‘punishment’Credit: Facebook