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Stroud council chiefs say £16m funding upgrade will regenerate ‘shabby’ town

Civic leaders have backed a £15.9million bid to boost funding, which will help regenerate ‘grotty Stroud’. Councilors unanimously backed Stroud District Council’s second bid to the government’s leveling fund yesterday (June 9).

The council’s bid is for £15.9million and, if successful, will see investment in rejuvenating walkway spaces, cultural sites and improving access for pedestrians and visitors. cyclists in Stroud. Several advisers expressed concern about the Stroud-centric nature of the proposals.

But council leaders said there would be more opportunities for subsequent bids for projects elsewhere in the district. Council leader Doina Cornell (L, Dursley) told the Strategy and Resources Committee that improvements for Stroud would benefit the wider region.

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She said: ‘It’s worth saying that Stroud is the main town in the district and when I go around all the town centers I really think it’s the one in most need of regeneration. Frankly, it’s actually a bit embarrassing.

“If you have a visitor coming out of the station, it’s really disappointing to think that Stroud is supposed to be one of the best places to live in the country and you think, in fact, it looks really ugly .

“It will benefit the whole district to have a much better center where you arrive. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor. I think Stroud really needs it and I hope this goes ahead and he does well.

Deputy council leader Catherine Braun (G, Wotton-under-Edge) said the focus on walkways, cultural landmarks and connections will benefit the entire district. She also said it was developed in partnership with businesses and community groups.

She said: “As well as improving neglected spaces and derelict areas, by providing ramped access to improve access to some important landmarks, it will also spruce up many unloved spaces. It will provide renewable energy for the incubator office units, tree planting to provide clean air and enhanced biodiversity with wildflowers, sustainable drainage and active travel to make Stroud a nicer place to walk and travel.

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Cllr Chris Brine (L, Stonehouse) said he would support the bid and criticized government deadlines which almost prevented parish councils from coming up with funding schemes. He said: “I will support it because it will bring money to the district and hopefully we can do some of these projects.

“Stroud is our main town. Connectivity from Stroud to our towns and parishes will benefit from this offer, we will put more accommodation in Stroud where it is needed and we will improve the shopping experience for people.

The projects included in the financing offer are presented below:

Project 1 – Gateway spaces

Wallbridge Greenspace : The transformation of this public space along the canal into a welcoming green space to give a strong sense of arrival in the city, to welcome people, to be a space for picnics, parties and events and a attractive place for walks, cycling and boat trips through. Bid: £2,244,000. Delivery partner: SDC.

The city square of the subrooms : For decades, the space outside the subscription halls has played an important role in the life of the town of Stroud. This project consists in transforming the space into a true “city square” to be used and enjoyed by all. Bid: £595,257. Delivery partner: Stroud City Council.

Incubation units: The creation of 12 new small start-up energy-efficient office units in the city centre, with the support of SGS college and the Growth Hub. Bid: £2,750,000. Delivery partner: Dransfield Properties Ltd on behalf of its subsidiary Stroud Regeneration Ltd.

Purchase of brownfield sites and associated costs: For the development of housing in the city center on a site of strategic importance. Bid: £1,535,000.

Stroud Subscription Rooms

Project 2 – Cultural landmarks

Lansdown Hall: Ramp access and internal improvements to make this heritage arts venue accessible to all. Bid: £500,000. Delivery partner: STC.

The sub-rooms: Ramp access and internal improvements to make this heritage arts venue accessible to all. Bid: £119,822 Delivery partner: STC.

Brunel goods shed – The purchase, ramp and internal improvements to make this heritage arts venue accessible to all. Bid: £1,200,000. Delivery partner: SVA.

Project 3 – Connections

Improvement of pedestrian and cycle routes: It is around the surrounding streets of Wallbridge, from the underpass under Dr Newtons Way and up to Rowcroft. Bid: £2,900,000. Delivery Partner: Gloucestershire County Council.

Improvements at the end of the Nailsworth to Stroud cycle path in Bath Road, Rodborough: To make it safer and more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians and to connect it to improvements around Wallbridge. Bid: £1,000,000. Delivery Partner: GCC

Facilities for cyclists and pedestrians: It’s around the city center at the Sub Rooms/George Street triangle and a light twist around the city centre, London Road, Russell Street and Station Street. Bid: £3,000,000. Delivery partner: GCC.

Real-time passenger informationto Stroud Station and Merrywalks Bus Station: These would connect the two locations so that the traveling public would have travel information for onward journeys. Bid: £30,000. Delivery partner: GCC.

Brunel shopping center : Open the parking lot at the station to add additional car parks at the station and reduce traffic in the city center, which will then allow the realization of the larger master plan of the station. Bid: £50,000. Delivery partner: SDC.

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