Hike sentence

The man was drunk on Maryport Street awaiting sentencing

A Maryport man seen drunk on the street while out on bail awaiting punishment for wounding and carrying an offensive weapon has been convicted.

John Chawner, 23, of Mosedale Crescent, was sentenced to 24 months in prison by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court early last month. It was an offense of unlawfully injuring a man and a second of unlawfully carrying a metal bar, both on April 5 last year.

But after admitting to these crimes and being released on bail ahead of his sentencing hearing in Crown Court, Chawner came to the attention of police in the early hours of February 20 this year.

Residents of Ewanrigg Road in Maryport reported a disturbance around 2.30am. Officers heard screams and found Chawner, who was persuaded to walk home.

He was escorted by officers and tried under the influence of alcohol. ‘He was at times described as bumping into stationary cars and hinted that he was potentially going to harm himself,’ prosecutor Peter Kelly told Carlisle Magistrates’ Court today.

Arrived at his home, he was refused entry and then arrested as officers sought to prevent a breach of public order. He was ‘tough’ inside the police vehicle, punching and kicking the cage, and incapacitating spray was used when he refused to calm down.

Appearing in court remotely via video link from police custody, Chawner pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in public. A separate charge of violent behavior at a police station was withdrawn by the prosecution.

When asked by District Judge John Temperley what he wanted to say in his defense, Chawner replied, “Just that I don’t remember anything. I do not know what happened.

Noting that Chawner was not expected to be released under home curfew until the end of the year at the earliest, District Judge Temperley imposed a 12-month parole.