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The world comes together to honor Queen Elizabeth’s life of selfless service

Sunday evening, tributes were already paid to the late queen.

In a Radio 4 broadcast, the Archbishop of Canterbury said she had “sought, at every turn, to live a life worthy of her calling”.

“She was not just a concept or an idea of ​​the British state,” he said. “He was one person, representing all the people who make up this country, their dreams and their efforts for the common good.”

President Biden, addressing the people of the UK, said: ‘You were lucky to have had her for 70 years, we all were. The world is better for her.

The Duke of York, the last of his family to pay a personal tribute, called her “mum, mother [of the nation]Your Majesty, three in one”.

“Your love for a son, your compassion, your care, your trust that I will forever cherish,” he said.

At the auction at St George’s Chapel on Monday, the Dean of Windsor will speak of ‘someone whose simple yet profound Christian faith has borne so much fruit’.

“Fruit, in a life of unstinting service to the Nation, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, but also (and especially so that he is remembered here) in kindness, concern and reassuring care for his family, friends and neighbours”, he will say.

On the TV service from Westminster Abbey, where the late Queen was married and crowned, the world will hear about her “long life of selfless service”.

“With admiration we remember his sense of duty and his devotion to his people,” the Dean of Westminster will say.