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Today’s headlines: Landlord Minister Robert Troy pushes the Dáil to increase funding for the state rental scheme; Ireland power cut fears prompt safety review

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Landlord Minister Robert Troy has pushed the Dáil to increase funds for the state rent scheme

Deputy Fianna Fáil Minister Robert Troy used the Dáil’s speaking time to ask for more funding for a state rental scheme from which he currently receives income.

100 years after the murder of Béal na Bláth: how the death of Michael Collins was revealed a century ago

Michael Collins was killed on Tuesday August 22, 1922 in an ambush by anti-Treaty forces at Béal na Bláth, near Bandon in West Cork. In this special series, Independent.ie reproduces abridged extracts from reports published in print in the Irish Independent in the days following his death.

Fears of a winter of power cuts in Ireland prompt a review of our gas and electricity security

A major review of the security of the country’s electricity and gas supply is due to be completed within weeks. It comes amid growing fears of power outages.

‘Possible distortions’ in numbers to calculate new living wage, says business group leader

A former member of the Low Pay Commission has warned of “possible distortions” in the data that will be used to calculate the new living wage.

Ireland’s fastest man Israel Olatunde returns home a hero

The fastest man in Irish history did not slow down in his efforts to return home after the final day of the European Championships in Munich to celebrate his success with friends and family.

Russians vow to strike after daughter of Putin ally dies in car bomb

Kremlin-linked officials have vowed to hit Ukraine as Russia accuses Kyiv of being responsible for a Moscow car bomb that killed the daughter of a prominent Putin adviser, the first bombing in the Russian capital since the beginning of the war.

Indo Daily Crime Week: The Collapse of the Kinahan Cartel

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New rate cap won’t curb illegal lenders

Soaring prices mean more households are falling victim to the criminal activities of unlicensed lenders, according to the Social Finance Foundation.

Ben Dunne set to make millions selling part of his personal art collection

Former supermarket tycoon Ben Dunne and his wife Mary are selling part of their personal art collection in an exhibition that is expected to generate millions in sales.

‘Painful state’ of psychiatric wards puts lives at risk, says leading doctor

Patients’ lives are at risk due to the ‘disastrous state’ of our mental health services, a leading psychiatrist has warned.

Online Recruitment – Defense Force recruits now earn over €30,000 starting salary

Starting salaries for recruits to the Defense Force’s most common rank exceed €30,000 a year, according to new figures.