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Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams delivers remarks and participates in a service event in New York City

June 25, 2022


Mayor Eric Adams: Thanks. Thanks. Thanks a lot. And Commissar, they’re all for college. [Laughter]. But really it’s so important and we’re excited that you’re going to college and the whole team is doing it because of those who started college and those dorms every dollar first of all you going to be broke for a long time. But everything we give them, from the pillow, to the sleeping bed, to the duvet. All that list, computer, popup cart, thumb drive, phone charger, all those things we take for granted. But try not to have your phone charger, we go crazy doing it. And that’s just our little way of saying you’ve done your part, go to college, we have to do our part to support you. And so the simple fact that sometimes people believe that you’re leaving high school and all of a sudden you’re going to fall off that cliff, that support system that was in place is going to go away, but it’s not.

Mayor Adams: Chancellor Banks has made it clear that we want to continue to be there throughout. And that’s just our way of saying, we just want to inspire you to come back, to be an employee of the city. But it’s your whole team, you have a whole team from parks to human resources to the police department to immigration. It’s like a team. You had all this… While you’re walking, you’re walking, that’s your band. Do you know what I’m saying? So, not every city builds all of this behind you. It’s your whole group and you have to tap into it. You have to tap into that and say that it is not enough to think that a municipal agency is a municipal agency. It’s not, it’s your support system.

Mayor Adams: And almost everyone here went to college. They know how difficult it is. They know what it’s like the first year is the hardest. But once you get that freshman year and find your groove, you’re cool. You will get there. And so, we want to make sure that in these bags we haven’t just packed items, we’ve packed love and we wish you well. What will be your specialty? You said medicine. Wow. OK. OK. To like. To like. We need it. Especially with this crazy Supreme Court, but we’ll leave that aside. So thanks. Thanks. Say a few words to everyone. OK.