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Traylor Wins STAR Service Award | Community

SOUTH HILL – During the first snowfall of the year, VCU Health CMH employees got out of their cars after a long day at work to find that their windshield wipers had been raised so they could easily wipe the snow and get home safely. A patient access representative from CMH Family Dental Services took the time to do so in the blowing wind and snow.

Tanner Traylor won the January Team Member of the Month Award for STAR Service for his actions that day. STAR stands for Safety, Teamwork, Responsibility and Relationships.

She has worked at CMH Family Dental for about a year. Prior to that, she worked for VCU Health in Richmond. She has always worked in health care jobs and has a big heart.

“Tanner always shows kindness,” Shermeco Pulliam said in his nomination form. “When the bad weather hit, Tanner thought of her colleagues and not just herself. It shows that she is a team player and goes above and beyond, not only for her colleagues but also for the patients.

“I went out to raise my windshield wipers and asked my colleagues if they wanted theirs raised as well,” Tanner explained. “My supervisor gave me permission to be away from my office. It only took about 20 minutes.

Traylor lives by the motto “Be the good you wish to see”.

She lives in South Hill and has a mix of lab dogs/yellow hounds. She enjoys watching horror movies, going to concerts, hiking and painting.

Traylor received the STAR service award, the STAR pin, a parking tag that allows her to park wherever she wants during the month of February and a $40 gift card.

The other employees appointed in January were Connie Puryear and Danielle Townsend in acute care.