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Twitter is testing an unexpected new service where users can follow others without creating an account / Digital Information World

Twitter is definitely testing a number of salient features that it hopes to introduce very soon.

First, we heard about a new price increase for blue subscribers who recently received an email in this regard. This was closely followed by a feature that allows users to update their statuses with the activities they are doing or perhaps their mood when tweeting.

And now we get more information about a test that is probably a huge shock to many, including us. This was tied to a new service that allows users to follow others without even creating an account, for starters.

The company made the mega announcement through a recent blog post on Twitter which explained how well the company was aware that not many people were ready to create accounts when they first arrived on the platform. -form.

Keeping this in mind, the team wants to give so many people one of the easiest ways out by offering this new feature that allows users to read tweets while enjoying additional benefits like see what a timeline also looks like.

Yes, it’s still in its experimental phase and that means we don’t know if it will ever roll out, but if it does, wow, that’s a huge step up for any platform -form.

The feature is called “Try Twitter” and is designed with the purpose of allowing users to follow and even read various tweets on their mobile app without even signing up. Obviously, if you want to comment, post or comment, you will have to register for it.

Twitter refers to the new experience or test drive it as a publicly available vehicle requiring customization. Meanwhile, it confirmed that other simple actions such as bookmarking, retweeting, and even liking would require you to sign up.

So you might get access to people’s tweets and their relevant timelines, but you’ll definitely be linked to various other places. The idea, in case you were wondering, is to give users a taste of what to expect, and if they’re interested, they can join.

But what is a little shocking is how you have to provide your location details to the app, in case you want to take advantage of the free feature. Next, you need to follow at least one account and then continue from there.

H/T: Jane Manchun Wong

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