Hike rates

Two private hospitals in Kolkata raise tariffs, others may follow | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Two private hospitals in the city have increased their prices after a two-year gap, while at least a few others are considering a price hike in the coming months, even as most of these hospitals have resumed normal operations, after liquidating their Covid units.
Rising costs and expenses incurred in developing Covid infrastructure, in addition to the fact that non-Covid treatments had remained suspended for most of 2020 and 2021, had necessitated increased charges, authorities said. Peerless Hospital and Medica Superspecialty Hospital, where rates have already been increased.

Hospitals have pointed out that a rate hike is also needed to provide pay rises to their doctors and other staff, who have not received a raise since 2020.
Others, however, said they wanted to re-consolidate their operations after the Covid disruptions and were looking to boost revenue in other ways, rather than a fee hike.
Peerless Hospital increased its fees this month. The hospital has increased its bed fee by around Rs 200 to Rs 300 in all categories and survey fee by around 5%. She also plans to increase her income by adding extra beds.
“There has been no increase since 2020,” CEO Sudipta Mitra said. “But since then, the situation has changed. Life has now returned to normal and non-Covid treatments have resumed on a large scale. We have to increase our charges to cope with rising costs. Almost everything is more expensive – running costs, electricity, survey costs being the main ones. Additionally, Covid weighed on our revenues, as investments had to be made to set up Covid units on several occasions. Salaries have not been raised for two years but now we have to offer raises to our employees,” he added.
Mitra claimed Peerless was the only hospital to suffer a loss in 2020-21.