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Two Route 20 Drives to Remember Service | News, Sports, Jobs

Two former Marines marching along Route 20 are expected to reach the Fredonia area later today.

The man is Justin “JD” LeHew and Coleman “Rocky” Kinzer, both retired U.S. Marine Corps sergeant majors who travel down Route 20 from Boston, Mass., to Newport, Oregon, to support soldiers missing or killed in action.

LeHew and Kinzer began their journey at the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor and plan to end in Newport, Oregon. The chosen route is the historic US Highway 20, the longest road in America. This specific route was chosen to highlight the long journey home that more than 81,000 missing US service members have been trying to make since World War II. It also represents America’s longest wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the men and women who fought there.

To follow LeHew and Kinzer’s progress, follow The Long Road on Facebook. For more information, visit teamlongroad.com. To donate to help Kinzer and LeHew complete their trip or to benefit History Flight, a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying the remains of U.S. military personnel killed overseas and then arranging for their transportation to their home for a proper burial, click the PayPal link at teamlongroad.com or send donations to History Flight Inc., 317 Williams St., Suite 1, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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