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Update of the live broadcast of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: route of the procession, order of service, schedule…

Order of Service for Queen Elizabeth’s State Funeral

The pretrial period ended at 6.30am this morning and attention now turns to the state funeral which was meticulously planned. Here is a summary of the day’s proceedings:

The state funeral will take place in Westminster Abbeycentral London, 11 a.m. The funeral will be conducted by the Dean of Westminster David Hoyleand the sermon will be delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Before the service, the Abbey’s Tenor Bell will ring once per minute for 96 minutes – a toll for each year of the Queen’s life.

At the start of the service, as the Queen’s coffin is carried into the Abbey, the Sentences will be sung by the Westminster Abbey Choir. The five phrases – lines of scripture set to music – have been used at every state funeral since the early 18th century.

The The Dean of Westminster will give the tender ahead of the first anthemand Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Scotland will read the first lesson from the book of Corinthians.

A special order choral piece composed by the king’s master of music, Judith Weir, will be sung by the choir. The room, Like the Hartis a setting of Psalm 42 to the music.

The second lesson, drawn from Gospel of Johnwill be read by British Prime Minister Liz Trussand will be followed by the anthem The Lord is my Shepherd. The anthem was also sung at the Queen’s wedding in 1947.

After the sermon, the choir will sing the hymn My soul, there is a country. – Prayers will be said from the high altar before the choir sings a short hymn, O Taste and see how merciful the Lord iscomposed by Ralph Vaughan Williams for the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will give the commendation and the Dean of Westminster will deliver the benediction.

Towards the end of the funeral, at approximately 11:55 a.m., the Last Post will be sounded by the Household Cavalry State Trumpeters from the steps of the Lady’s Chapel. Two minutes of silence will then be observed across the UK.

The Awakening will be sounded by the State Trumpeters before the congregation sings God save the king.

At the end of the funeral, the Sovereign’s Piper of the Royal Regiment of Scotland will play the traditional lament Sleep, darling, sleep.

Next, the bells of Westminster Abbey will ringcompletely felted, which is the tradition following the funeral of the sovereign.