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Warsaw man receives three-year sentence for intimidation – InkFreeNews.com

By Liz Berger

Nicholas Andrew Meade

WARSAW – A Warsaw man has been sentenced to three years in prison after threatening two people while in possession of a knife.

Nicholas Andrew Meade, 43, 5849 S. West Channel Road, Warsaw, was charged with intimidation with a deadly weapon, a felony level 5; and domestic battery with a child under 16 present, a felony 6 level. An additional intimidation charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Meade was sentenced by Kosciusko Superior Court Third on Monday, August 29.

On June 16, a Pierceton police officer responded to a domestic dispute at a Warsaw location. Officers learned that a man armed with a knife was in a house with a woman and a child. Upon arriving at the scene, the Pierceton officer, with the assistance of a deputy from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office, approached the home and was greeted by a woman.

According to court documents, when asked if there was anyone else in the house, the woman said there was none but consented to officers checking the residence . Upon entering the house, the Pierceton officer found two men behind the front door. The officer learned that the woman had had a physical altercation with Meade. When Meade was arrested, it was discovered that he had in his possession a four-inch folding blade knife.

The woman said she was trying to wake Meade while she was holding a child when Meade got angry. He hit the woman on the right side of her face with his hand. The woman told the Pierceton officer that she had called someone to pick up her children from home. However, Meade said the children weren’t going anywhere and he would hurt anyone who tried to take them.

When the person came to pick up the children, Meade pulled out a knife and told them to get out of the house or they would be sorry.

Meade also repeatedly told the person that if they didn’t get out of the house he was going to kill everyone.

During the court proceedings, Assistant District Attorney Mark Caruso and defense attorney Christopher Berdahl both agreed that Meade’s sentences for each charge should be served concurrently or at the same time.

Berdahl also said Meade took full responsibility for his actions.

For intimidation with a deadly weapon, Kosciusko Superior Court Judge Chad Miner sentenced Meade to three years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. One and a half years were sentenced to execution, while the rest were suspended on probation.

Meade was also sentenced to one year in prison for domestic battery. The one-year sentence will run concurrently with the intimidation sentence. If DoC does not accept Meade, Judge Miner said Meade can serve the executed sentence in Kosciusko County Jail.

A no-contact order between Meade and the two people at risk in this incident was also extended, with the exception for contact being child custody issues.

In total, Meade received a three-year sentence, with 1.5 years of execution and 1.5 years of probation.

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